Enter Your Force

Five elements help you to Enter Your Force. Air, start breathing through your nose. Earth, start eating healthy. Fire, start moving. Water, start drinking healthy. But what is the fifth element? This is the quintessence. Today, what man eats makes man sick. Many people live unhealthy. This declines your force and energy. On the one hand due to behavior and due to insufficient information your force and energy are too less. Smoking, drugs, too much alcohol, too many carbohydrates, burned meat, too much fat or sugar make people addicted and ill. The doctor soon comes with a chemical pill to solve the problems caused by diet. And you feel sick. Read this article and see how you will get your Force and Energy again.


Check if you breath through your nose. Your nose is for breathing and smelling. If you breath through the nose heated oxygen flows to the brain first and then to the lungs. The brain is cleaned and resets to zero thinking. All negative thoughts will decline your force and energy will turn down. Breathing through your nose will increase your force and energy within 3 weeks.


Consider what helps your force and energy. Strip what hinders your force and energy. Sweet or salty products are not necessary for healthy living. The addition of fat, salt, sugar in the manufacture is to make people addicted to the unhealthy eating habits and to make more profit for the manufacturers. Foods that come directly from the producer are a basic necessity of life. All processed food and additions such as E-numbers are not the basic necessities of life and are a product of the marketing economy. Strip the processed foods and start working on your force with food directly from the producer.


Get an Health app that counts your moving. Moving is your fire. Moving is important for your heart lungs and legs. Moving 5.000 steps a day is a beginning. Start dancing once a week in private or in public.


Start drinking healthy water. Sweet drinks introduce diabetes-2. Your body does not need sweet drinks. Start drinking tea. Black tea or tea with ginger or ginseng. This helps your Force and Energy.

The Quintessence.

Start doing exercises which declines stress. Start to clean your mind. Start to think zero. Start exercising honesty. You do not need to speak if you compromise yourself. Do not kill or wish other people death. Do not steal from other people. Do not enslave other people to your convenience.

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