2020, Introduction to Respect

We live in a world without Respect. Some left wing people label other people. Many people live in a cocoon with their own view of Good or Evil. This does not create Respect. It creates Hell. Many people emphasize the cocoon of the own group and want to maintain this cocoon by violence. Violence kills Respect. Respect starts with realizing that every human being is different and yet every human being is equal to the other. Every human has physical and psychological borders. Cocoons and borders can change if the change leads to Happiness. Respect brings Happiness.

Respect Yourself.

Respect yourself. Respect your body through healthy food, breathing and exercise. Respect your will, heart and mind through a balance of freedom and responsibility. Stop any violence towards the other human being. Respect your wife, children and parents. Bring Respect in your marriage. Start a program to bring yourself in a Respectful mode again.

Equality brings Respect.

Equality is the first step to Respect. The realization of being equal to another human being is what makes people human. In equality, there is no violence. Equality starts with disarmament. Adult women are equal to men. No resident or immigrant excepted. People of all races and cultures are equal. People with and without disabilities are equal. The gay is equal to the straight. The younger is the same as the older. The mother judges the rights of the unborn. The family is equal to the single person. The one-parent family is the same as the two-parent family. Smokers are equal to non-smokers. People living on the street are equal to those living in homes.

Every country should have a Constitution. Th Constitution should overwhelm all other Laws of a Country. Equality should be the first article of a Constitution. The Constitution should be maintained by an independent Constitutional Court. Capitalism introduced a class system, the lowest class living on the streets, then immigrants, low-paid workers and welfare recipients, the middle class of two earners, the upper class of executives and the highest class of wealthy. The elderly who receive a pension are now also regarded as the lower class. Governments should decline the in-equality by an equal tax percentage.

Democracy brings Respect.

A live-able country is civilized, safe and secure. Respect starts with maintainable, balanced live-able principles. Democracy is the foundation of Respect from the people to the President and the Parliament. The parliament enforces the principles through laws. Compliance with the laws is for everyone to have a good life. Then everyone must be able to understand the laws and the principles.

In many countries citizens are not treated equally before the law. The democratic voting process should be secret and for every citizen. Democracy should be established without foreign interference and without the possibility of fraud.

A personal and family financial balance is the foundation for a Respectful life. Democracy should establish a financial foundation throughout life. The higher educated retire after 40 years of work and the less educated after 52 years. Change the tax implementation by making the same tax for everyone. The government pension should be obtained from a national insurance policy after 45 years of work or at the age of 65 for those who are unable to work.

Consider a tax system that is equal, fair, simple and transparent. Consider to introduce a profit tax, which replaces all other taxes. You do not pay tax on savings interest. All natural and legal persons who make a profit should pay 20% profit tax, with the first 10,000 Euro ($) being exempt. Tax should be paid on all profit. Tax should be paid by all including religions, charities and pension funds.

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