2023, I Am Who I Am, letter to the leaders of the world

The world is in chaos. I Am Who I Am has seen the chaos in the world and intervenes. I Am Who I Am sees too many warlords as the cause of the chaos in the world. Warlords bring evil. This letter is to inform you of the interventions that I Am Who I Am is carrying out.

2021, I Am Who I Am sends Messages.
On March 16, 2021, my attention was drawn to a news report that Israel had found new Dead Sea Scrolls. Among the newly found fragments is a sentence from the book of Zechariah: “These are the things you must do: Speak the truth to one another, do true and perfect justice in your gates. And do not defraud one another, and love not perjury, for these are all things I hate — declares the Lord.” And a saying of Nahum: ‘The mountains tremble before Him, and the hills melt, and the earth lifts itself up before His presence, yea, the world and all that dwell therein. Who can stand before His indignation? Who can endure the fierceness of His wrath? His wrath is poured out like fire, and the rocks are broken to pieces before Him.” Nahum 1:5–6.

I am not religious, but I do believe. From March 16, 2021, I received messages in my mind from I Am Who I Am with the request to publish them to the world. I did on www.theeuropeanpost.net. I Am Who I Am is the One who is before time, before mankind and before religions.

2021, I Am Who I Am is the One.
I Am Who I Am is in the Fourth Dimension. The Fourth Dimension is all around us and not tied to time, space and objects. I Am Who I Am is the One. Mankind lives in the third dimension. Our third dimension is determined by time, space and objects. The third dimension is the Creation of Life and the Soul. That Creation took (in our third dimension) millions of years and happened through evolution. Man’s happiness and growing the soul to maturity is the goal of I Am Who I Am.

I Am Who I Am explained me the Fourth Dimension is very angry with the development of humanity.  Many people are not happy in this world. It’s because of the warlords who think they’re god. They are it not. That is why there are now interventions of I Am Who I Am. The past thousands of years the world has been patriarchal. That brought chaos, war, death, theft, lies and dishonesty. The next thousand years will be matriarchal. Women must be educated and learn self-defense. Domestic violence must stop.

2022, I Am Who I Am, creating the Honest World.
I Am Who I Am wants a Honest World for the present and the future. The commandments of honesty have been given for thousands of years. Do not kill, do not steal, do not lie and do not enslave the other. The hope for a Honest world is given now. Every human is equal to the other. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. An adult can choose the partner she or he wants. Everybody will have a choice.

The woman chooses the man. If a man is not ready for his child, a woman can choose another man. A woman decides whether or not to give birth to a child. Abortion is possible until the 24th week. From birth the infant is given a soul. A man supports his child for life. Marriage is the basis for a woman and a man to raise children. No children shall be placed outside the family. Children without parents shall be placed in a loving family.

Every adult (from 18 years old) is responsible for himself and for the other. Children must be protected and educated. Freedom means that every human being, an adult and a child, decides with free will. There must be responsible freedom of expression, writing and expression. Every person on this earth will be free to worship I Am Who I Am. Every adult and every child shall be free from poverty. Everyone will be free from fear.

Being a member of a religion is not the same as believing in I Am Who I Am. Prayer is accepted by I Am Who I Am only when one has faith. When religions kill, steal, lie or give fear and enslavement, they are no more than warlords. Every religion must bring the Honest World. If not, the religion will be erased . The patience of I Am Who I Am is over. Priests can be man or woman.

2023, The Wrath of I Am Who I Am will explode.
I Am Who I Am foresaw the war Putin unleashed with Ukraine. I was requested in January 2022 to ask Putin not to start the war. Putin lied and started to kill many (including his own) people in February 2022, steal their lives and goods. Putin made the choice, he choose evil. Mr. Putin and his collaborators will not survive. Evil comes from man. I Am Who I Am is very angry with many evil people who lie, kill, steal or put other people in slavery, the advice of I Am Who I Am is to introduce the death penalty.

History is the past. The selfish human gods build their statues and memories. Any statue or history resembling these human gods, the wars or slavery must be erased from this earth. Man chooses evil. Evil is not part of the Fourth Dimension. Evil will be erased from the earth. The people who bring evil will be burned and their remains will be scattered in space.

I Am Who I Am is the One who Was before time and space and before religion. Commands were given and Messengers were sent in order to change humanity. Religions were formed but they did not hold My Commands. I Am Who I Am is utterly outrage and angry with the thousands of years humanity lied, killed, stole property and brought people in slavery. Everyone must realize the patience of I Am Who I Am is over.I Am Who I Am can finish this world with a blink of an eye. Because of some righteous women and man I Am Who I Am will continue to give hope, peace and love.

2024, I Am Who I Am wants the UN charter to be executed.
The United Nations Charter will be the vehicle on which I Am Who I Am will build the future Honest world. There will be sovereign democratic states. Each sovereign state will have a constitution that adheres to the UN principles of peace and the separation of powers. The powers will be legislative, executive and judicial. A Constitutional Court will uphold democracy, the UN principles of peace and the separation of powers.

Every sovereign member state of the UN will subscribe to the UN principles of peace. If a member does not subscribe to or act in accordance with the UN principles, that state cannot be a UN member. If a state acts contrary to UN principles, it is isolated from the Honest World. NATO is the defender of the Honest World. The United States will be the general of NATO. Every UN member is immediately a member of NATO. NATO will defend every member state.

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