Freedom of Want and Prosperity for All

The third of the Four Freedoms, is freedom from want, which, translated into world terms, means economic understandings which will secure to every nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitants –everywhere in the world (President F.D. Roosevelt)

The European Union has known an economical understanding which has brought peace for 70 years. With a collective NATO army, funded mainly by the United States, the defense was a guarantee for peace. The European Union vision was centered on economical equality and stability of the currency Euro. Before the Euro their was prosperity for all.

After the currency inflation of the Euro the people do not benefit anymore of the economical vision of the European Union. This due to political ambitions for power. The Brexit was a sign that the people resist the increasing decadence. With the Brexit the budget of the European Union should decrease. But the European Commission wants more budget to increase their power. This will minify the freedom of want and the prosperity will decrease.

The decadence, the moral or cultural decline as characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury, of the European Union and the leading national parties increases. In many EU states the instrument of the referendum is put aside. Many people resend this decadence and the result is populism.

The European Union should aim for an economical vision first. The collective defense of the NATO should be embraced to be the first pillar of peace. All political ambitions should be erased. The budget of the European Union should be declined in such a way every inhabitant of the European Union has the freedom of want and experiences prosperity.

The social democratic parties within the European Union have lost their vision to increase the freedom of want and the prosperity for the working class. Increasing the purchase power of the people, work for everyone who is able to work, a honest pension age and providing income collectively for the people who are not able to work can be the new social democratic vision.

The confessional and democratic parties in the European Union have lost the vision to increase the democracy and hearing the voice of the people by erasing the possibility of the referendum. The European Union tends to dishonest “Laws” All European Union political systems should aim for the Rule of Law and honest equality, liberty and brotherhood.

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