2022, I Am who I Am, Know Your Borders

Today mankind does not know his or hers borders. The borders how to be happy and how to make other people happy. Its necessary to understand the purpose of mankind. Be happy or be not. This is the Kingdom of Heaven which have been exclamated  for thousand of years. In the Kingdom of Heaven there is no War room, no room for bullies, no room for heads of state who think they are gods. Consider the list of borders you shall  keep in order to establish a world free of fear. In order to make a Kingdom of Heaven.

Mankind has lost the We thinking. Every person aims for the Self.  The list below gives an idea of the borders you shall keep. The list looks like black white but this is to save the world and mankind.

  • Is you make a woman pregnant, you shall marry her even though you are married
  • Children shall be protected and educated for free. The government shall arrange that.
  • Bullies children shall be civilized. The government shall arrange that.
  • Children shall not bear weapons. If they do the parents are responsible. 
  • Adults who abuse children shall be removed from this planet.
  • No adult shall raise the hand to others. The government shall create laws to arrange that.
  • Do not complain about the circumstances. 
  • What goes into the mouth makes man sick. Be pure.
  • You shall live now, do not judge the past, and do not fear the future.
  • You shall not be enslaved by an addiction.
  • Be self supported. Eat your own food. Create your own energy needs.
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