The Tree of Good or Evil

What is good or what is evil? Mankind can do good and build a tree of good, or mankind can do evil and build a tree of evil. Evil is expressed by sin, done by the actions of man. Mortal sins deprive ones soul in life from God. Mortal sins are killing or abusing someone, steeling, not being honest, not considering the other as equal and depriving the other and yourself from essential freedoms. A civilization must border the evil acts of mankind.

There is logic in evolution. The evolution is defined by time and space. Through time the human species came from other species. Life on earth came from bacteria. For an undefined number of years Earth evolved from other planetary systems. Planetary systems evolved from gasses and other matter. Matter consist of molecules, molecules from atoms, atoms from particles, particles from energy. What created energy?

Something cannot evolve from nothing. There is logic in the creation. God created the beginning of the known existence. From nothing God created energy and the master plan for the Creation. The master plan has to do with evolution. Evolution has to do with the formation, the growth and the completion of the creation of a being. A being has matter and space and is subjected to time. A being is born, lives and dies.

The Universe was created according to this master plan of the Creation. The creation of the Universe took an unimaginable period of time. Every being in the Universe has the ability to create. With another being a new being may be formed. A new being has the ability to grow and to complete itself.

The Earth is a young planet on which man evolved after same time. Man evolved as a type of mammal with a male and a female gender. The Mammals, including man, have the ability to create another mammal with the intercourse between a man and a woman.

The creation aims for good. Good is done by the individual or by the collective. Individual good is done by good acts. Collective good is established through civilization. Civilization is free will, equality of man, essential freedoms and democracy. Civilization is measured by happiness, the well-being of the individual or the collective.

Everyone is equal to the other, a man is equal to a woman, an adult is not equal to a child. A child should be educated, protected and taken care for. Essential freedoms are freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worshiping God, freedom of want and freedom of fear.

There is individual and collective sin. The death penalty must be abandoned. With every innocent death the collective sin rises. Collective sin takes generations to resolve. The religious, the political, the economical and the cultural systems of today do not live up to the standards for a good civilization.
Today mankind has poisoned the world and itself. Renewal of the individual and the collective must be done towards a good civilization. Read the script and become a Civilian.

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