2022, I Am Who I Am wants Democracy.

The World is in chaos. In many countries the citizens no longer feel themselves represented by their government. I Am Who I Am considers democracy the way to install the Honest World. From chaos civilian war may rise. In order to bring PEACE to the world we herewith propose the Universal Declaration of Democracy. This declaration has been sent to the United Nations in order to adapt the UN Charter.

The Universal Declaration of Democracy.

  1. The Nation State is the Sovereign Entity of Democracy
  2. The Democratic State is powered by honesty.
  3. Any citizen within a democratic State has the right to public documents.
  4. Any citizen has the right to public healthcare
  5. Any citizen has the right to free public education
  6. Any citizen has the right to a home.
  7. Any citizen has the right to live and self defence.
  8. Each citizen will pay an equal percentage taxes.
  9. Any citizen of the State can choose the Representatives.
  10. Any citizen can be elected to be a Representative.
  11. The Representative shall have no private interference with the public function.
  12. The elections will be free, secret and without disturbance
  13. There will be no limits in the freedom of speech of a Representative.
  14. There will be equality between adult man and woman.
  15. The children will be protected.
  16. No one shall interfere with the private life.
  17. No one shall interfere with the honest business life.
  18. In a democratic State the Referendum gives the decision on a question once.
  19. In a democratic State the Rule of Law will apply.
  20. The democratic State will embrace the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  21. The democratic State will have a Constitution.
  22. The executive, legislative, and judicial powers will be separate.
  23. The Constitutional Court will uphold the Constitution.
  24. A President in the democratic State will be chosen by the citizens.
  25. A chosen President will reign for a maximum of 10 years.
  26. A head of state which is not chosen shall not be called a President
  27. In a democratic State an emperor, king, queen or named else can hereditary have a ceremonial function
  28. Only a referendum will decide if the democratic State joins an Union.
  29. An immigrant will become a citizen after being 5 years in the State.
  30. The executive force may be formed by coalition within 6 months after the election.
  31. After 6 months the executive force shall be formed by numeration.
  32. No one shall bear arms without license.
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