From Migration to Segregation?

There is a migration of people going on. Under inhuman conditions. There are many people who apply for asylum in the civilized European Union. People are entitled to this under international law and human rights. But with this huge crowd of people some structure is necessary. There is a distinction between real refugees and economic asylum seekers.

Millions of people are on the run. On the run for terror. The terror of World War II revived with ISIL. A totalitarian regime that passionately brainwashed people to serve them. Brutally killing all opposition. Only the own population group counts. We should not see the refugees migration of many millions of people as an isolated problem. It is a world problem.

Many economic immigrants opt for the civil society in the European Union.  However, the civilized European Union can not handle the uncontrolled immigration of millions. From the beginning of 2000 to 2017, the European population increased from 727 million to 742 people, almost 10% of the world population. In 2015, EU countries offered asylum to 292,540 refugees. In the same year, more than a million migrants applied for asylum.  Applying for asylum can be a lengthy procedure so many of those given refugee status may have applied in previous years.

Immigration mainly goes to the cities. Large groups of people from other cultures live in cities.
There is segregation, because with the dual nationality no stimulation takes place to merge with domestic culture. That ultimately leads to conflicts.  Immigrants receive the European nationality in addition to their own nationality without integration conditions. A civilized Europe wants peace in the cities.
This is only possible if an immigrant actually opts for the Europase culture and leaves its own culture.

Every inhabitant of Europe is entitled to bed, bread, bath, safety, security and education. A Civilized Europe is a hospitable and open society. Anyone who wants to integrate must be educated, in such a way that integration is possible.

A civilized Europe needs a thorough border control at the external borders. Until the organization of the external borders is arranged, a normal border control at the internal borders is necessary. The European Union must regulate strict access control at the external borders. Those who do not have a passport and do not come from a war zone should not get access. At the border, you determine the type of inbound migration.  The boats that bring immigrants must not leave until the passport control has been carried out.  All immigrants who do not have access must return immediately with the coming boats.

With a passport from the European Union or otherwise sufficient visas, random checks are sufficient.
Europeans returning from abroad must go through all kinds of difficult procedures and are treated as asylum seekers.  It is easier to leave Europe than to return to Europe. Someone with a passport from the European Union must have direct access without an asylum procedure.

The integration process must be based on learning the English language and the language of the asylum country. Many immigrants already know English. Immigrants can give the education of the asylum children and families in English and in the language of the asylum country. For all asylum seekers, education is the first priority. Equality, freedoms, rights and obligations are the starting point in education.

A civilized Europe thinks that the equality of every citizen, adult man and woman, is at the top of the list to achieve a civilized life. This is followed by liberties of expression and conviction, provided that it does not cause a nuisance to the other. Everything is focused on being free from fear. Those who do not properly deal with the rules of play at the shelter do not receive asylum and have been declared unfounded. Putting out asylum seekers who have exhausted all legal remedies does not fit into a civilized Europe. People looking for work must arrange their stay and apply for a work visa. If people remain illegal, they enter a criminal trial to prevent inhuman excrescence.

Many illegal immigrants in the European Union live on the streets, resulting in inhumanity and nuisance. A civilized Europe assumes that the asylum application proceeds in a procedurally correct manner. All asylum seekers who have exhausted all legal remedies and their families are required to fly a single flight to the country of origin.

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