2022, I Am Who I Am, The Great Reset

On 22-2-2022 Russia invaded Ukraine. War is hell. Behold My Fury. Putin acted as a warlord, he like to make war in order to satisfy his personal needs. The Russian people will be isolated and will experience hell from this selfish behaviour of the head of state. The UN Charter does not satisfy this breaking the world peace. Russia must be expelled from the UN Security Council and the UN. A great reset of international law is necessary. Behold My Fury.

Putin must stop the invasion of Ukrainien immediately. The Angels of Fear will enter the minds of the Russian invaders. The Angels of Fury will help the defenders. Any Russian soldier shall return to Russia without the war equipment. Putin shall repend in public for the Day of I Am Who I Am has come. All damage in Ukrainien shall be restored and payed by Russia. All families of died people shall be payed by Russia.

President Putin of Russia launched the invasion of the sovereign state of Ukraine for no reason. He lied to his people and to the international community about his intentions. Civilians and military personnel were killed in the invasion. The European Union continues to talk. The United States does nothing. The UN Security Council can’t do anything because Russia vetoed it. Russia is isolating itself, but Putin doesn’t care. Putin’s words are dishonest and untrustworthy. 

Putin’s actions are totally against the general principles of the UN. Russia and Belarus should therefore be excluded from the UN and UN Security Council for war crimes. The European Union must immediately exclude Russian banks totally from the SWIFT system. The world must be given opportunities through the UN to try everyone from Russia through the International Criminal Court.

“To exercise tolerance and to live together in peace with each other as good neighbours, and to unite our forces to maintain international peace and security, and to ensure, through the acceptance of principles and the establishment of methods, that force of arms shall not be used except to use an international apparatus for the promotion of the economic and social progress of all peoples in the public interest.”

Putin, the military and those who collaborate shall be personally indicted for war crimes. His invasion of Ukraine and the civilian and military deaths are war crimes. The invasion of Ukraine is a deadly crime against the peace of the civilized world. We must move towards total isolation of Russia and Belarus. Not just from sports, but from all political, economical and cultural connections. If religious leaders  and priest collaborate with these warlords Fear will be upon them.

A war crime is a violation of the laws of war that gives rise to individual criminal responsibility for actions of the combatants, such as the intentional killing of civilians or the deliberate killing of prisoners of war, torture, hostage-taking, unnecessary destruction of civilian property, cheating by perfidious, sexual assault in time of war, looting, enlisting children in the military, committing genocide or ethnic cleansing, not being granted a quarter of an hour despite surrender, and ignoring the legal distinction between proportionality and military necessity”

On the basis of the UN Charter   Chapter II, Article 6, a country can be excluded from the UN on the intercession of the Security Council. In fact, the Russian Federation is no longer a member of the Security Council. This is because it still states that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is a permanent member, not the Russian Federation.

The UN Charter needs to be rewritten. The permanent UN Security Council members should be only for those countries who respect the UN Charter principles. For countries in which a warlord is head of state a complete isolation shall be executed.

There will be an Era of Separation. In this era the heads of state and the systems of the warlord countries will be replaced. These are the reasons.
  • Too many warlords
  • Too many lies
  • Too many stealing
  • Too much slavery
  • Too much invasion
  • Too much concentration camps
  • Too much indoctrination
  • Too many deaths
  • Too many corrupt elections
  • Too many political
  • Too many weapons
  • Too much immigration
  • Too much corona
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