2022, I Am Who I Am, Religions Must Make Peace

After many years of Peace the warlords have given themselves to the purpose of evil. The warlords like Putin and Xi will bring chaos and slavery to the world. All other political , economical and religious heads of state, heads of companies and heads of religions must work together to stand firm, isolate the warlords and bring them to justice. Those who bring chaos must be accounted for. In order to do so, all religions of the world must make Peace.

In some smaller and greater countries people from religions kill people of other religions. Stop this. A religion is not about the property of land, it is about honesty and knowing I Am Who I Am. I Am Who I Am needs every believer to fight evil. Evil is not in the other religion. Evil is in the warlords who think they are gods. I Am Who I Am urges all Religion to make Peace. Muslim and Christian must make Peace. Muslim and Jew must make Peace. Muslim and Hindu must make Peace. Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox must unite.

Today I Am Who I Am has given messages. A Messenger has published these messages. Please see and hear the Words for today and the future. Spread the Words in all languages. The Judgement Day has come. Every human being will be given a choice. This is your life. Be honest or be not. Be honest in word, deeds and thoughts.

All Highest and Middle Angel Legions are activated. The Spiritual World is activated and in the highest phase of alert. The Fury of I Am Who I Am will come.

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