2022, I Am Declares The Honest World

A 2000 years ago the world changed. A Messenger spread the Word of the Kingdom of Heaven. This Message I Am had Spoken was not understood. For 2000 years many wars were fought, people killed and many people lived in slavery. This slavery and death is due to war lords and people who think they are gods. They are it not. The time for the war lords and bullies is over.

I Am now declares the Honest World for the present and future to come. The Honesty Commands are given to Messengers for thousand of years. Do not kill, do not steal and do not enslave the other. Do not worship a war lord. Do not follow a bully. The Hope for a Honest World is given now.

Every person is equal to the other. Treat others how you want to be treated. Treat woman as you as man wants to be treated. A woman decides to give birth to a child or not. If a man is not ready for his child a woman can choose another man. A man supports his child for life. Marriage is the foundation for a woman and a man to raise children. No children shall be placed outside a family.

Every adult (from the age of 18) is responsible for themselves and for the other. Child’s shall be protected and educated. Freedom means that every person, an adult and a child, decides without burden. There shall be responsible freedom of speech, writing and expression. Every person on this earth shall be free to worship I Am. Every adult and child shall be free of want. Everyone shall be free of fear.

Being a member of a religion is not the same as believing in I Am. Prayer is accepted by I Am only if people have faith. If religions kill, steal, give fear and slavery they are no more than war lords. Every religion must bring the Honesty Future. If not the religion shall perish. The patience of I Am if over.

The history is the past. The selfish human gods build their statues and remembrances. Every statue or history which resembles these human gods, the wars or slavery shall be erased from this earth. The present and the future is what I Build,  I Love and I Hope for.

Evil is done by man. Evil will be erased from the earth.Man who bring evil will be burned and their remains scattered in space.

The United Nations Charter will be the vehicle on which I will Build the future Honest World to come. There shall be sovereign democratic states. Every sovereign state will have a Constitution which aims for the UN Principles of Peace and the separation of powers. The powers will be a legislature, an executive, and a judiciary power. A Constitutional Court will maintain the democracy, the UN Principles of Peace and the separation of powers.

Sovereign states may unite in confederations. Every sovereign state member of the UN will subscribe to the UN principles of Peace. If a member does not subscribe or does not act to the UN principles this state cannot be a UN member. A state which give themselves to evil will be erased by natural phenomena.

The NATO will be the defender of the Honest World. The United States will be the general for the NATO. Every UN member is immediately a member of the NATO. Every sovereign state will contribute 2% of its national budget to the NATO. The NATO will defend every member state.

If a states act against the UN principles they will be isolated from the Honest World. This isolation will be economical, political, cultural and religious. Every war lord will be hunted internationally, will be enslaved and erased from this earth if they are killers. Bullies will be humiliated and educated socially.

A Book will be written to hold the Messages I Am has sent. The Honest World Book will contain the Messages I Am has sent for the next 2000 years.


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