Socialism is dead, long live populism.

Socialism has been assimilated by the cultural relativism. Socialism has been the foundation for political activities who benefit active and former working people. Nowadays social parties have lost their foundation and aim for immigration and more Europe. Immigration gives other cultures which do not integrate and have to be supported by the working class. The working class has to deal with more expenses for the cultural relativism and no wage increase. The benefit of socialism for the active and former workers has been lost. With the decline of socialism the workers search for benefits by populist parties. Populism are against cultural relativism and promises purchase power, which in fact benefits everyone.

In former days communism wanted a government of the working class. Instead of creating benefits for the actual and former workers, a socialist is a communist of the cultural relativism. The cultural relativism benefits people from other cultures rather than the own. For socialists cultural relativism is like a religion. Socialist were the salt of the earth, to create equality, liberty and brotherhood. But if the salt have lost his savoir, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

Today socialist see themselves as better people than others, freedoms should be under the umbrella of cultural relativism. The European Union embraces cultural relativism. This is why the internal and external borders are open. The EU immigration policy has led to less security and welfare in the nations. The cities have been taken over by the new red – green rich and immigrants. The EU demands more and more tax money from the nations to solve the budgetary problems of the Southern European nations. The well-being and welfare of the lower and middle class has decreased. Nations hide their real contribution to the EU. The European Union is a sick man in which a the cancer of cultural relativism grows.

Populists deny cultural relativism. Populist parties hear the voice of the people who want security, equality, welfare and freedom. Security comes with the NATO and closed borders. The Schengen agreement should be enforced fully. No citizen should be subjected to a not European nation. Equality should be enforced. Not everyone pays equal taxes. Immigrants take the rental housewith priority. Big companies do not pay taxes. Expats pay less tax. Universities place over 25% foreign students. Every citizen should heve equal rights to rent a house, to drive on the roads, to study and so on.

The government should enforce a honest system for renting houses and a tax system which is equal to everyone. All people, small and big companies pay 20% tax. With decreasing the contribution to the European Union we stimulate more purchase power to the people. The borders must be closed for immigrants with an intolerant culture. The populist will have the future because they will enforce the democracy, the will of the people.

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