2022, I Am Who I Am Creating Life

Today the world faces many fake rules about the creating of life. Who knows the purpose of the Creation? I Am Who I Am explains the creation of life purpose for the fourth dimension. I Am Who I Am gives specific rules for pregnancy, abortion and how it interacts with the soul.

I Am Who I Am emerges from the fourth dimension to our dimension. Our dimension is known as the third dimension. I Am Who I Am communicates to our third dimension in our mind. The fourth dimension is without time, space and objects. Our third dimension is limited to time, space and objects. The objects in our dimension are given a soul. The purpose of creation is the growth of the soul. At completion the soul enters the fourth dimension through the light. From the tiniest objects which we cannot see to the enormous objects of the universes the structural foundation is the same.

The creation of life uses the same methods for all objects in the third dimension. The creation of life has the stages formation, growth, completion and perfection. Life is not only biological it is also chemical and physical. The creation of biological life starts with the formation, one fertilized cell with all aspects of the living object. This one fertilized cell is formed from two biological species. From small changes a new species may evolve.

A fertilized cell has the all aspects of and the ability to grow to a new living being. When the new living being enters the third dimension he or she will be given a soul. From birth the soul is empty. The soul grows through life and when the living being dies, the soul meets I Am in the light.

The growth of biological life is possible only within the right environment and with nourishment to grow in. Consider the making of baby. For the first 12 hours after conception, the fertilized egg remains a single cell. if a woman does not want to become pregnant, within 12 hours a pill may decline the chance to become pregnant.

After 30 hours or so, a fertilized egg divides from one cell into two. Some 15 hours later, the two cells divide to become four. And at the end of 3 days, the fertilized egg cell has become a berry-like structure made up of 16 cells. In the uterus, the cells continue to divide, becoming a hollow ball of cells which implants in the wall of the uterus about 6 days after fertilization.

The uterus develops into the placenta. Most organs begin to form about 3 weeks after fertilization, which equals 5 weeks of pregnancy. At the end of the 8th week after fertilization (10 weeks of pregnancy), the embryo is considered a fetus. During this stage, the structures that have already formed grow and develop.

By about 14 weeks: The sex can be identified. However, the fetus is not ready to live. The mother can decide to abort the pregnancy with pills. I Am Who I Am mentions that the mother decides if she has a baby or not until a baby has a chance to live and will be given a soul. By about 24 weeks, the fetus has a chance of survival outside the uterus. The fetus has a chance to live. The lungs continue to mature until near the time of delivery. The brain accumulates new cells throughout pregnancy and the first year of life after birth.

A soul will be given at birth. After entering the third dimension a child is able to communicate with I Am Who I Am. If a fetus is not able to live it is not given a soul. About 24 weeks of pregnancy a fetus has a chance to live. Before the 24 weeks of pregnancy the woman can decide to keep the fetus or not. If a woman decides she cannot give this child a home, or if the child is given by force, the woman can get an abortion. This does not damage her soul.

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