2022, I Am Who I Am, Make Peace not War

Some heads of state strive to war. This a time of change. The change is that I Am Who I Am wants a peaceful world. Make Peace not War. Another change will be the patriarchal society will change to a matriarchal. I Am Who I Am is fed up with the war lords. The threat of war is the way down to Hell. Nature will turn against the selfish heads of states. There shall be no statue for heads of state. The meek will inherit the Earth.

The time of change does not apply to the borders of States. The borders have been set and shall not change. The sovereignty of every State today shall be recognized. States can be part of a continental economical union. Every State shall have a Constitution and a Constitutional Court. The Constitution shall be honest and directed towards the well being of the civilians. The powers within a State shall be independent and separated. The heads of state shall communicate honestly and work for their people or not be.

Head of states shall bring Peace. If head of states do not bring Peace they shall resign. Peace is not brought by the separation striving of action groups. All civilians are equal. Head of states shall listen to the majority of the civilians. Heads of states shall take care for food, water, shelter, health and work. This brings Peace.

Today all organisations are patriarchal. This has been so for thousand of years. This is a mistake. Adult man and woman are equal. Children shall be protected. This patriarchal society has not brought the Heaven what the world can be. This is a world of abuse, dishonesty and murder, mostly done by man. Man who do not uphold the Commands I Am Who I Am have given. Judgement has been given. Abusing man shall be distracted from the society.

In this century the transfer from patriarchal to matriarchal shall be established. The matriarchal society shall reign for 1000 years. World peace shall be the main directive.

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