2022, I Am Who I Am, Separate From Evil

Russia is like an evil cancer for the world. Separate from this evil cancer immediately and totally. All religious, political, economical, cultural and sports from Russia should be expelled from the world. Consider to banish all Russians from the world to Russia. They cannot be trusted and are spies for this evil Russian cancer. When the Russians are thrown back behind the border of Ukraine, the Wrath of I Am Who I Am will strike the Russians.

Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are brothers and sisters. Rus means “the man who rowed”. Vikings rowed from Sweden to the now-Russian territories and down the rivers all the way to Ukraine. Russians have the same origin as Ukraine people and speak the same language. This time Russia as Cain struck Ukraine Abel but now Abel fights back and will win. The evil head of state Putin will not survive.

I Am Who I Am will not accept any blessing or prayer from the Russian Orthodox Christian members, for they honor the evil head of state Putin. In order to restore the fundamental trust between I Am Who I Am and Russian Orthodox Christians Putin shall not be granted access to Russian Orthodox Christians churches. If not the priests Russian Orthodox Christians churches of the will be hunted by demons.

Europe and the World shall separate for 10 years from Russia on all levels of society. All ties must be broken. Europe shall not buy gas, oil and coal from Russia. Europe must support themselves. All Russians shall be expelled. All European nations shall be part of the NATO in order to defend themselves to the evil Russian cancer.

The UN charter clearly tells the former Soviet-Union is a member of the UN Security Council, not the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation denies all of the UN Charter principles. For these two reasons Russia should be banned from the UN Security Council. Only those countries can be a member of the UN if they fully embrace the peaceful principles of the UN Charter .

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