Freedom to Worship God.

The second essential freedom is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way– everywhere in the world. See the world of today. A world full of war famine and terrorism. Many people live day by day and life is the highest priority.  In such a world worshipping God has the last priority. What do we need to do to create a world of tomorrow in which every person anywhere in the world is free to worship God.

Worshipping God may be a goal to achieve when all other essential freedoms are fulfilled everywhere in the world. Let there be freedom of speech in a respectful way. Give the people freedom of want and prosperity. But above all let there be freedom of fear.

When we speak publicly about other people many times it is done in a not respectful way. People are cancelled by media or by other people. Consider the rule of Law. No one is guilty until proven otherwise. The media can publish articles in a respectful way. An example is Al Jazeera.

From now on the borders of every nation are set. Consider the right of the nations to defend themselves against invasions of other nations and terrorism. The task for the heads and parliaments of state is to bring peace in a nation and prosperity for the people within the nations.



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