2022, I Am Who I Am, Accept Old Age

I Am Who I Am creates the Honest World. Mankind is created in the third dimension, limited by time and space. An object in the third dimension lives through the stages of creation, growth, completion and perfection.

With the life of a human it means you are born as an infant, you grow to completion within the family and you reach perfection when you become an adult. The adult starts a family. The family goes through the stages creation, growth, completion and perfection.

The creation of the family starts with marriage. The growth of a family when you get and raise kids. The family reaches completion when the kids start a family of their own. Grandparents experience perfection with their grandchildren. Adults shall celebrate the 25, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 years married with their family and friends.

A human does not live forever, accept that. With old age you cannot do what you could do when you are in your twenties. I Am Who I Am wants adults who have worked for the world 45 years to retire. So if a street worker starts at 19 years old, they shall retire at 64 years old. If an educated man or woman start the work for society from 27 years old, they shall retire from 72 years old. The governments shall establish a system in which the adults give a percentage of their income to the old age adults. The state pension shall be enough for the household of the old age pensioners.

When a woman reaches the non productive age, she changes. Governments shall provide counselling for woman who have trouble with changing from productive to non-productive.

When the time has come the old body start to disintegrate. Each human determines his destiny. You can write down your fate in a letter if your body fails or if your life is complete. Governments should create a process in which the life of a human on old age can be ended. A child shall be careful with hers or his body.

If the body of a child is disintegrated by accident or illness, the parents or caring adults can step into the process to end the life. If the body of an adult is disintegrated by accident or illness, he or she can step into the process to end the life. This process does not damage the soul.

Loneliness is a bad aspect of life. People shall not be alone. Sometimes people cannot take care for themselves. People of old age shall be at home in an old age institution. Governments shall arrange the old age homes and daily structure within it.

When old people get physically or mentally ill, governments shall have provided the adult or old age recovery homes. The recovery homes can nurse also people who are living on the streets and which are addicted to drugs or alcohol. The old age institutions shall be clean, honest and give a daily structure.

At the end of life the soul will enter the fourth dimension through the light. Entering the light will happen only if the soul has reached maturity. The maturity of the soul is not dependent of the age. The soul of a child may have reached maturity also, if a child dies young.

If a child or adult takes their own life the soul turns to the darkness, the soul does not enter the fourth dimension through the light. The body dies and will return to the dust. There will never be the resurrection of the body.

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