2024, I Am Who I Am, the era of separation

Today the good and evil cultures are struggling. Dialog seems to be not possible. From 2024 there will be a tendency for cultures to separate. I Am Who I Am will help the good cultures and will sent natural, physical and psychological plagues to evil cultures.

A good culture is based upon the Commands of I Am Who I Am. Be honest. Do not kill a human being, do not steal, do not abuse, do not lie and do not put people into slavery. I Am Who I Am wants the people in the good culture not to have addictions for a long and happy life. A newborn is born with a blanc soul and mind. The soul grows in life. At the end of life the soul is enlightened with tolerance and enters the tunnel of Light to become assimilated with I Am Who I Am.

Throughout history, a culture has flourished with equality and five universal freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of expression such as dance, music, art, freedom to worship according to I Am Who I Am, freedom from fear and freedom from want. That’s the way Western democracies are today. I Am Who I Am supports Western democracies to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

The religions of Jews and Christians are established through the communication with I Am Who I Am. The Holy Scriptures tell the history about this interaction. Other religions worship violence, inequality, theft, abuse and slavery and have formed cultures based on evil.

A culture will be wiped from the earth if universal freedoms do not exist, such as today’s warlord-headed cultures. Killing people because the warlord likes it is not what I Am Who I Am wants. These cultures that do not even think to keep the Commandments of I Am Who I Am are evil cultures. Another culture will take over the land of the evil culture and kill the warlords and their descendants.

Evil people want to have eternal life. This is not. At death evil people enter the darkness of the End. Warlords want to create eternal life with buildings and statues created by human slaves. This is not culture and shall be broken down. If not, when you see these buildings, history needs to be told that slavery and murder have established this culture. History books should talk about the culture of the people and not about the attempts of warlords to forever remember them.

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