2022, Repent for the Day of I Am Who I Am is at hand.

This evil world must repent with truth for grace will come. For the Law of I Am Who I Am was given through Moses. The Law is clear, be honest, do not kill and do not steal the property and lives of another human being. This era is a time for grace and truth. Truth is one aspect of Honesty. With honesty I Am Who I Am will grant you grace. Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy. The Day of Judgment has come. Every individual will be Judged in an equal way. Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy from I Am Who I Am.

The world shall liberate the woman. The patriarchal world of today shall be replaced with the matriarchal world in the next era. I Am Who I Am is ashamed with the patriarchal world, which for thousand of years has killed, lied, stolen the life of other humans. Any symbol of the suppression of woman shall be abandoned. Any girl shall receive an education.

The world no longer shall call a warlord a president. A president Mr. Putin think he is a god. He is it not. Mr. Putin gives a soldier an amount of money for its funeral. Mr. Putin thinks he can kill his Russian young man and woman civilians, the civilians will kill Mr. Putin. Mr. Putin is a tyrant, an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution, a denier of sovereignty, a ruler who exercises absolute power oppressively or brutally, an oppressive ruler in the harsh use of authority or power.

Mr. Putin shall stop the war. All Russian soldiers shall go back to their home-town and family. All who collaborated with Russia in the occupied areas of Ukraine will migrate to Russia as well.  Mr. Putin shall honesty speak to the Russian he has stopped the war because he has a revelation of I Am Who I Am. The revelation shows Moscow in flames and thunder, with which every Russian is killed. With the revelation Mr. Putin will gain the respect of the people world wide, and be as St. Paul, who once was the most evil man and turned into the holy man.

Ukraine will be rebuild. Russia will pay to rebuild the infrastructure and houses, which they have damaged or destroyed. Russia will pay all expenses for the cure of the wounded. Russia will pay the families of everyone who is killed 100.000 Euros. Ukraine and Russia will bury the dead in a respectful way. Russia will free all political prisoners. There will be free and secret elections for a President and a new Parliament. The Russian media will be free to speech. In Russia, there will be freedom of speech, expression,

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow shall resign. His post as head of the Russian orthodox church has been contaminated with evil. Mr. Kirill did not uphold the commands of I Am Who I Am has given. He said that the Russian soldiers would clean their souls of sin with killing, stealing and rape. Shame on you Mr. Kirill.With killing, stealing and rape, ones soul becomes eternally evil. Mr. Kirill shall be replaced by a younger one who will uphold the commands. If not the Russian orthodox church will not be a religion of I Am Who I Am. No prayers will be granted.

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