The Freedom of Expression

The happiness of a human being depends on the freedom of expression. Every person needs freedom of expression in the private and the public realm. The freedom of expression interacts with other human beings. The freedom of expression of the one cannot be the horror of the other. Politics tend to restrain the public freedom of expression. Through the Ages Religions Laws have set rules for the private freedom of expression. At this point in time the world has developed private freedom of expression. There is an evolution to clear the freedom of expression in the public domain.

The freedom of expression interacts with the private life of human beings and is done with free will. Without free will of every person involved there is no freedom of expression. In the public realm the freedom of expression is limited by Law. If people want more freedom of expression in the public life the politics must tolerated the change and adapt the Laws. The civilisation tends to an increasing freedom of expression in all countries of the World.

Marriage is the top way the love between people live their freedom of expression. Marriage is the formal union of people, typically recognized by law, by which they become partners for life. Marriage is a feast of free will and freedom of expression. No person of institution shall interfere with the marriage.  Marriage is how adults start a family.  Every nation should protect the rights for the marriage. From marriage children will have a safe start of life to be a member of the world civilisation.




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