I Am Who I Am, Mankind creates Hell.

I Am Who I Am is The One. The One is in the fourth dimension, not limited by time, location, space, gender or objects. Humanity lives in the third dimension, limited by time, location, space, gender and objects. The fourth dimension is peace, equality and freedom. Humanity creates war, inequality, famine, slavery and fear. Mankind creates hell.

A person has a body and a mind. The spirit consists of the mind, the heart, the will, the faith and the soul. All human minds together form the human spiritual world. A person can connect with I Am Who I Am and with the human spiritual world. The purpose of I Am Who I Am is to connect with a person.

Throughout history, humanity has manipulated the Scriptures to transfer war, inequality, famine, slavery, and fear caused by powerful people into a spiritual object. That is not. Human warlords think they are gods. They’re not. I Am Who I Am wants humanity to learn human origins. Humanity’s fantasy about the spiritual world, in its third dimension, knows no bounds.

In the fourth dimension there are no objects. Spiritual objects such as the devil, angels and demons are a human fantasy. A fantasy of transferring responsibility for evil to a spiritual object. It’s not. The devil, satan, archangels, angels and other objects are not present in the fourth dimension, they come from humanity’s imagination.

These are the commands of I Am Who I Am. Be honest, don’t kill people, don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t abuse, don’t abuse or enslave people. Warlords think they are gods because they don’t follow these orders. They’re not. People who kill, or order murder for a selfish purpose, are useless to I Am Who I Am.

I Am Who I Am states that original sin does not exist. All aspects and fears related to original sin are a figment of man’s imagination. A newborn is given a blank soul, without sin. When a person is honest and keeps the Commandments of I Am Who I Am, the soul grows and attains enlightenment. I Am Who I Am wants religions to update their doctrines.

A person’s life is limited in time. At death, I Am Who I Am judges the soul of the person. When the soul has achieved enlightenment, the soul passes through the tunnel to the Light into the fourth dimension. When the soul is empty because the person has not kept the commandments of I Am Who I Am, the candle of the soul is blown out.

There is no resurrection of the human body. Nothing on this earth is lost. At death the body returns to the earth. There is no need to bury a human body, no resurrection awaits. It can be burned to return the atoms of the body to the earth.

Throughout history, a culture has flourished with five universal freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of expression such as dance, music, art, freedom to worship according to I Am Who I Am, freedom from fear and freedom from want. That’s the way Western democracies are today. I Am Who I Am supports Western democracies to establish the Kingdom of Heaven.

The buildings and statues of warlords created by human slaves are not culture. When you see these buildings, history needs to be told that slavery and murder are bad. History books should talk about the culture of the people and not about the attempts of warlords to forever remember them.

A culture will be wiped from the earth if universal freedoms do not exist, such as today’s warlord-headed cultures. Killing people because the warlord likes it is not what I Am Who I Am wants. These cultures that do not even think to keep the Commandments of I Am Who I Am are evil cultures. Another culture will take over the land of the evil culture and kill the warlords and their descendants.

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