2021, I Am Who I Am, Do you Care?

The corona plague kills millions of people (>5 million today). Mostly elder people and people who do not take care for themselves. Young people many times consider the corona plague to be a flu. But do they care for the elder people which can die after infection with the corona virus. Do you care?

Consider the Judgement Day has arrived. Some say the Judgement Day is a period of thousand years, some say it is on a day. I Am Who I Am says is is a period of several years. And it is happening now. The Judgment of God will be for the whole world. The Judgement will be individually and for a group of people. Its effect will be direct and immediately.

Now is the time to change your deeds and thoughts. Are you selfish? Do you take care for yourself, your wife, your family, your neighbors and your nation? Do you take care for the living beings of Creation? If not change your deeds and thoughts. And do it today, right now.

Selfishness shows up when fear, pain, and pride cause us to protect ourselves more than reveal truth to others. We hide our true thoughts, feelings, needs, and even our gifts, which leads to living internally isolated and shame-filled. Holding back the good and bad keeps us from connecting intimately. There is a better way. Growing out of selfishness requires a heart repeatedly surrendering self-will with caring. Care for yourself and others.



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