2021, How to stop the Corona virus outbreak

2021,  The world faces a pandemic of the corona virus. Every month the number of registered infected people with the Covid-19 corona virus doubles. The corona virus comes from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The Chinese did not cooperate to prevent the world from this pandemia. The death toll decreases from 5% to 2,2%, the number of recovered people increases from 74% the last two months to 90% now. The figures about the corona pandemic are not clear. We ask the head of states of the countries of the world to work towards clear and honest numbers of corona patients and deaths. The people must be informed honest. Self testing may be done with an oximeter. Vaccines have been developed. The US, Russia, Europe and China should work together to solve this outbreak. Within the US, Republicans and Democrats should work together to win this War on Corona. Further reading.

The China corona virus Infection Process.

Unfortunately the Corona virus is highly contagious. The corona virus variants are even more contagious. The corona virus stays alive 3 days with temperatures of 4 °C and a humidity less than 50%, it stays alive 1 day with a temperature of 20 °C and a humidity more then 50%. With the rise of temperature and increasing humidity the virus may be less contagious. A person can be infected from a corona patient at 2 meters (EU: 1,5 meters, US: 1.82 meters). Paper or cardboard can hold the virus 1 day. Plastic and metal can be infectious up to 3 days. SARS-CoV-2 Transmission

The infection shows several stages. According to Noor Hisham Abdullah, there are 5 stages of COVID-19 infections. This comes after he revealed that nearly 80 percent of patients in Malaysia who tested positive for the corona-virus, officially known as COVID-19, displayed either mild symptoms, or none at all. Noor Hisham also mentioned that the remaining 20 percent of patients were the ones who fell into the moderate and critical categories of positive corona-virus infections. We introduced stage 0 and stage 6 to be complete and added the type of testing and the number of quarantine days.

  1. Stage 0 – Contact – Someone has been in close contact with a known corona patient. A corona app will give the red, orange or green indication if you me infected and contagious. He or she can choose for self quarantine for 14 days. A number of countries urge a tourist or immigrant to self quarantine for 14 days. An oximeter will give a result of 95 percent or above.
  2. Stage 1 – Positive  – Testing positive with or without any symptoms with a PCR test. After the first infection people the corona virus can be tested in the nose and throat. Individuals in the first stage can usually perform their daily routines without feeling ill. Stay at home until the test results are clear. A quarantine for 14 days should be applied when tested positive. An oximeter may give a result of decreasing to 95 percent.
  3. Stage 2 – Mild – Testing positive with mild symptoms. This includes headache, fevers, dry coughs, and a lack of physical energy. Also a decrease of taste and smell is observed. Risk of transmission is thought to be the greatest at this stage. Self testing can be done by taking the patients temperature and the oxygen saturation. An oximeter may give a result below 95 percent. The body temperature may rise above 38 °C / 100.4°F. Curing from this stage takes at least 4 weeks. A quarantine for 4 weeks should be applied.
  4. Stage 3 – Moderate – Developing some form of pneumonia. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), complications of severe COVID-19 cases include (but are not limited to) pneumonia, hypoxemic respiratory failure, as well as sepsis and septic shock. Testing is done with a oximeter to see the decline of oxygen saturation in the body. These patients (from young to old) should go to a quarantine facility in a hospital until they are cured. An oximeter may give a result below 90 percent. Patients in a NIAID trial received remdesivir had a 31% faster time to recovery than those who received placebo. The drug remdesivir is very expensive, $320 for one dose. If remdesivir is not available or too expensive hydroxychloroquine (not chloroquine) may be applied. A Dutch retrospective study shows it helps 53% of the patients if admitted in the early stage when they are hospitalized.
  5. Stage 4 – Severe – Having breathing difficulties and requiring oxygen support. Shortness of breath can make it extremely difficult for those infected with COVID-19. According to the WHO, 1 out of every 6 people infected with COVID-19 start to develop serious bouts of breathing difficulties. These patients (from young to old) should go to a quarantine facility in a hospital until they are cured. An oximeter may give a result below 85 percent. Dexamethasone in combination with tocilizumab calms this effect, with a 60% decrease of deaths. It’s only suitable for people who are already in hospital and receiving oxygen or mechanical ventilation – the most unwell. The drug does not work on people with milder symptoms, because suppressing their immune system at this point would not be helpful.
  6. Stage 5 – Critical – Needing to be incubated and put on a ventilator.  If a patient reaches this stage, they will need to rely on a ventilator to keep breathing. A patient is put asleep for weeks, put on the back and on a ventilator. These patients should be on the intensive care in a hospital and be kept in coma for 4 weeks until they are cured or they die. An oximeter may give a result below 80 percent. Corona virus infection triggers inflammation as the body tries to fight it off. But sometimes the immune system goes into overdrive and it’s this reaction that can prove fatal – the very reaction designed to attack infection ends up attacking the body’s own cells.
  7. Stage 6 – Cured – After a patient is cured, he or she may be tested with a scan which usually shows clearly the infection from stage 4. A blood test may show positive for corona antibodies after stage 1.

Testing the China Corona virus.

Many corona test are not accurate. Two kinds of tests are available for COVID-19: viral tests and antibody tests.

  • A viral test tells you if you have a current infection in your nose or throat. This test is applicable in stage 0 through 2. If you are tested negative there is a 20% change you are positive for corona, due to faults in the testing procedure. If one waits 4 days the virus may be gone, but one be contagious. The test is done manually, with a 15% chance of making a wrong test.
  • An antibody test might tell you if you had a past infection. An antibody test might not show if you have a current infection because it can take 1–3 weeks after infection for your body to make antibodies. Having antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19 might provide protection from getting infected with the virus again. If it does, we do not know how much protection the antibodies might provide or how long this protection might last. This test is useful in stage 6.

If you test positive or negative for COVID-19 on a viral or an antibody test, you still should take preventive measures to protect yourself and others.

We advice to test yourself with an oximeter. The corona virus comes with hypoxemia. Pulse oximetry is a test which may vary 2 percent. An oxygen saturation level of 95 percent or above is considered normal for most healthy individuals. A level of 92 percent indicates potential hypoxemia, or deficiency in oxygen reaching tissues in the body. Typically, more than 89 percent of your blood should be carrying oxygen. This is the oxygen saturation level needed to keep your cells — and your body — healthy. While having an oxygen saturation below this temporarily is not believed to cause damage, repeat or consistent instances of lowered oxygen saturation levels may be damaging.

The origin of the China Corona virus.

Chinese virologists have reported in the Journal of Medical Virology the first results of their genetic analysis of the human corona virus, which appeared in Wuhan in December and was named after it. There are numerous corona viruses that use different animal hosts and can evolve into new species. Corona viruses themselves do not have DNA but only RNA. Animals and people have both. Although RNA is the genetic workhorse of life, it is not capable of propagation and reproduction on its own – it requires DNA. Because corona viruses themselves do not have DNA, they use the DNA of their host. The RNA profile of the corona virus does not show human engineering. The researchers know that the new virus originated in an animal body.

More recently strong genetic similarities have been found between SARS-CoV-2 and several viruses infecting Malayan pangolins (scaly anteaters). Although the bat viruses are more similar to human SARS-CoV-2 than the pangolin viruses, there are several reasons why the pangolin link is receiving special attention. One is that the sequences of the spike protein genes in SARS-CoV-2 and in pangolin viruses are particularly close. Another is that pangolins are widely sold in live animal markets in China where they are more likely than bats to come into contact with humans. Read more . . .

Preventing the Infection Publicly.

A patient is someone who has the symptoms of the corona infection. Increased temperature, headache, sore throat and cough. Man are 60% of the infected people and woman 40%. In order to prevent the infection publicly people who are infected should be set in quarantine. Quarantine for 2 weeks is too short, people must go in quarantine for 4 weeks, with or without their family. The quarantine should be done not at home, because infected people can infect their home mates.

Necessary groceries can be obtained through supermarket web-shops. The groceries should be set at the front door. If this is not possible in a country, governments should obtain web-shop apps to do so. Some sectors in the economy go great others have a lock-down. Governments should establish a public unemployment and healthcare structure. To do so governments should set the state of emergency. The public unemployment can be payed with a percentage on the wage of those who can work. The healthcare shall be payed by a public healthcare insurance.

Many European and other world countries are ignorant in securing the people’s health. No country has a global health policy. Among the infected people many doctors and nurses are. Doctors come in close contact with infected people. For a start doctors and nurses should immediately should have enough protection for themselves. If not protected doctors and nurses cannot help the patients. The governments should provide protection for the body, the face and the shoes.

Preventing the Infection Personally.

In order to stop the infection many people wear a face mask and nitril hand gloves. This however does not help to prevent a virus to infect you. The best evidence suggests that, when sick, wearing a mask can help to protect others from getting sick. And when well, wearing a mask around those who are sick will probably decrease your own chances of becoming infected. But the masks are far from foolproof. If you don’t have a mask, or don’t want to wear one, standing at least 2 meters (six feet) from an infected person will increase your chances for staying healthy. The air surrounding sick people, even if they aren’t coughing or sneezing, is loaded with small infectious aerosolized particles, and the farther you are from them, the better.

Washing your hands frequently, of course, is also critical for staying healthy, since touching infected fingers to the eyes, nose or mouth can transmit infection. Before you eat wash your hands. Frequently clean the surfaces that people with contaminated hands have touched, for example: door handles, taps, kettles, handrails, cutlery, keyboards, phones, food, keypads on card payment terminals, supermarket trolleys and baskets, etc.

Preventing the Infection by Isolation.

In order to stop the infection China isolates cities. This did not help to spread the virus worldwide. Because people travel to other countries the Wuhan Corona Virus has spread world-wide. World-wide prevention measures should be taken. Wash hands often with soap and water, or if they are not available, an alcohol-based hand gel. Regularly clean and disinfect surfaces that may be contaminated with the flu virus. Dispose of used tissues. Don’t share items such as towels, toys, cutlery, cups, plates and kitchen utensils. How is the garbage collection organized in the isolated areas?

Poor hand hygiene is one of the biggest causes of the spread of illness world-wide.  A recent study that Initial has carried out with 5,000 participants in 5 countries show that one in four people don’t wash their hands even after using the bathroom! Organize that this is possible and learn people to do that.

Preventing the Infection by Vaccination.

The U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) can help. In theory, it would be possible to adapt the SARS vaccine model to target unique aspects of the Wuhan corona virus. This has already been sequenced by Chinese researchers. Another option, would be to adapt previous monoclonal antibodies, which help the immune system attack foreign substances.



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