2022 World wide corona excess mortality due to corona vaccination and death due to inflammation of the heart muscle

The world wide corona excess mortality is hifg and governments are evading research to find the cause of this excess mortality. In Germany voluntary autopsy on death is standard practice [1]. A preliminary study [2] of a German autopsy revealed severe heart failure (20%) as the cause of death after vaccination.

There are evasive actions by the governments to interpret the excess mortality. First there was that it was not possible according to privacy legislation. But the privacy laws relate to a natural (living) person. There is also no treatment relationship with vaccination that could prevent further investigation. There will be studies into corona mortality, but the corona vaccination will not be included in it. Occasionally, the public prosecutor investigates a death, but does not take any further action. With all these evasive actions of determining the actual cause of death and not really identifying the cause of excess mortality, the governments may be guilty of death.

Autopsies are an important tool in medicine, dissecting disease and causes of death. For example, in COVID-19, autopsies revealed effects on pulmonary (micro)vasculature or the nervous system, systemic viral shedding, or interaction with the immune system. In April 2020, the German COVID-19 Autopsy Registry (DeRegCOVID) was launched. The registry supports various scientific projects, public outreach and provides reports to federal health authorities, leading to legislative amendment of Germany’s infection protection law, facilitating autopsies during pandemics.

The electronic registration uses a web-based electronic reporting form. Participation is voluntary and the biomaterial remains at the relevant location (decentralized biobanking). As of October 2021, the registry included N = 1129 autopsy cases, with 69271 separate data points, including information on 18674 available biospecimens collected from 29 German sites. In the N=1095 eligible records, the male to female ratio was 1.8:1, with peaks at 65-69 and 80-84 years in males and >85 years in females.

Analysis of the chain of events leading directly to death revealed COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death in 86% of autopsy cases, while COVID-19 was a concomitant disease in 14%. The most common immediate cause of death was diffuse alveolar damage, followed by multi-organ failure. The Heidelberg pathologist Peter Schirmacher states in a study [3] that he has found a link between vaccination and death due to inflammation of the heart muscle. Vice President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Kubicki is now calling for scientific studies on the subject. [2]

[1] German COVID-19 autopsy registry
[2] Kubicki calls for research into corona side effects
[3] https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00392-022-02129-5


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