2020, The Corona Year The World Stood Still.

2020 was the Year the World Stood Still. Caused by a world-wide China Corona (COVID-19) Virus pandemic. This virus was engineered in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. A Biological World War III is at hand. The COVID-19 virus killed until today more than 18 million people. More then the atomic bombs in World War II. The Corona Virus originates from China. New mutations of the corona virus are at hand. The World experiences a lack of essential freedoms due to China. The freedom of religion has gone, no church or mosque meeting can be attended without proper safety measures. Many people experience a lack of want because they are without a job due to the economic problems. Everyone has fear he or she or relatives will be infected with the deadly corona virus. With the social media fortunately we still have the freedom of speech. This article describes some aspects with which we can get the essential freedoms back. The four essential freedoms of the Free World should be restored.

The world faces a pandemic of the corona virus. The number of infected people increased to over 176 million. The death toll is 2,2%. The figures about the corona pandemic are not clear. We ask the head of states of the countries of the world to work towards clear and honest numbers of corona patients and deaths. The people must be informed honestly. Self testing may be done with an oximeter. The vaccines are the solution, but it takes time to vaccinate the whole world.

The Biological Corona World War III.

The casualties of the Biological World War III against the Corona virus are like the atomic bombs in the World World War II. The COVID-19 virus pandemic is reported in 213 of the 250 countries of the world. This is truly a World War III. The COVID-19 World War III killed over 3.800.000 people. The two atomic bombings killed 226,000 people, most of whom were civilians, and remain the first and only uses of nuclear weapons in armed conflict. Over the next two to four months, the acute effects of the atomic bombings killed 146,000 people in Hiroshima and 80,000 people in Nagasaki; roughly half of the deaths in each city occurred on the first day. How many deaths will the Corona World War III have in the next two to four months ?

Many US news agencies are ignorant for the fact the US fights a Biological World War III which will kill the US economical. With every news report of CNN we see the hate of Democrats towards the Republicans. The US needs unity to win this Biological World War  III. Unfortunately this is not possible with this ignorant Big News and Big Tech at this moment. Is this pandemic a strategic action of the sly Chinese government? In order to weaken the opponents in the world for the aggressive Chinese expansion politics ? China should stop the expansion politics immediately.

Was it the Hand of the Almighty?

This corona plague has brought the World in a lock-down. The globalization of the economy has stopped. Airplanes do not fly. We see some global positive effects but we wonder about the Hand of the Almighty.

  • With the lock-downs the Air has been cleaned.
  • The lock-downs gives a positive turnover for the Climate.
  • An enormous cleaning operation has gone through the World.
  • Everybody is responsible for Themselves and their Family.
  • Is this a worldwide test for Honesty ? Did your country report honestly about the corona figures ?
  • Is this a worldwide test for Righteousness ? Did your country treat every human equal ?
  • Is this a worldwide test for Compassion? How did your country treat the vulnerable humans ?
  • Is this a worldwide test for the Commandments ? How many people died by unnecessary bureaucracy ?
  • Is this a worldwide test for Humility ? Is the globalization of the economy the God given system ?
  • Has the Judgement Day started ?
  • Does the Almighty wants another way for the Religion and Economy ?

What the World should do.

The United Nations should develop a global health strategy. If an A-type pandemic is at hand a quarantine  of a nation should be established. The WHO should be independent enough to govern the necessity of the quarantine of a Nation.

  • The WHO should be the independent controller of the global health.
  • The WHO should be paid from the United Nations budget.
  • The WHO should be given access to any country. Deadly Pandemics should be prevented with all means.
  • The WHO should define the stages of the disease, the type of tests, the time for quarantine
  • Democracy should be implemented in all Nations. For Democracy is the God given system the People should govern a Nation.

What the Nations should do.

Every Nation should develop a global health strategy. The global health strategy is governed by the Reproduction number R0. The R0, pronounced R-naught, represents how many people an average person with a virus infects.The corona virus has an R0 of roughly 2, meaning that each new person spreads the disease to about 2 people on average. Bringing it below 1 will eventually end the pandemic. The COVID-19 virus has thus a transmission rate the R0 should go to zero before measures are diminished.

  • Every Nation should develop a global health and quarantaine policy.
  • Every Nation should develop an economy which is independent of the globalization economy.
  • If the Reproductive factor R0 is above 1 for an A-type virus infection the Nation should enter a lock-down.
  • If the Reproductive factor R0 comes below 0.5 the Nation lock-down is finished gradually.
  • Any Nation should start a public unemployment system in which working people pay for the unemployment.
  • Any Nation should start a public health system in which healthy people pay for the unhealthy.
  • Any Nation should give a state pension to the elder, payed by the working people.
  • Any Nation should apply the stages, testing and quarantine for deadly A-type virus infections.
  • Any Nation should close the borders for infected people immediately in order to stop the pandemic.

What the Regions should do.

Regions should develop a regional health program for groups of vulnerable people.  The virus that causes COVID-19 infects people of all ages. However, evidence to date suggests that two groups of people are at a higher risk of getting severe COVID-19 disease. These are older people (that is people over 60 years old); and those with underlying medical conditions (such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer). The risk of severe disease gradually increases with age starting from around 40 years. It’s important that adults in this age range protect themselves and in turn protect others that may be more vulnerable.

  • The Region should have a hospital within the region with enough Intensive Cure capacity.
  • Every hospital should be equipped with enough protective procedures and means.
  • Regions should have an Safety Agency which governs the numbers of infected and cured people.
  • The Regions should order the public traffic systems to clean daily.
  • The Regions should order the public buildings to clean daily.

What the Municipalities should do.

Poor, vulnerable, disabled or homeless people are at a high risk for spreading the disease.

  • Any municipality should develop a program for the homeless.
  • Any municipality should develop programs to minimize the infection in locations for vulnerable elder or disabled persons.
  • Any municipality should organize education programs on social media for high risk people to minimize the infections.
  • Any municipality should organize programs the prevent infection in vulnerable people.
  • Quarantine should done be at home or in specific conditions in separate locations.

What the Organizations should do.

  • Let your employees work at home if possible.
  • Give your employees protective clothes, masks, gloves and shoe protection is necessary.
  • If a person (employee or employer) shows signs of the infection, he or she should be quarantined.
  • Clean your organization buildings every day or ore if necessary.
  • Clean and replace the air conditioner filters every year.
  • Set the air conditioner to a humidity above 50%.

What the General Practitioner should do.

The diseases of the rich countries take 54% of the deaths world wide or 28 million people. Diseases of the rich countries are Ischemic heart diseases, Stroke, Alzheimer disease and other dementia, Trachea, bronchus and lung cancer, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Lower respiratory infections, Colon and rectum cancers, Diabetes, Kidney diseases and Breast cancer.

  • Separate the consult for people with and without the symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Separate the blood examination for people with and without the symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Take the fast covid-19 test on patients who are suspected to have covid-19
  • Implement biological methods for curing the diseases of the rich countries.

What the Families should do.

  • Clean your house everyday. The corona virus is highly contagious and will be transferred through hands.
  • Buy protective gloves. Consider that letters and packages can be infectious up to 1 day, plastic up to 3 days.
  • Buy weight, temperature and oxygen meters. Measure these parameters in your family.
  • Start a family health program.
  • Let groceries be delivered at home.

What You should do.

  • In obese people (BMI above 30) the corona virus is more contagious. Start eating healthy.
  • Smokers are more vulnerable for the corona infection. Stop smoking.
  • If you are in a high risk group, start a biological cure program.
  • Protect yourself and others by using protective measures in the public environment.




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