2023, The Wrath of I Am Who I Am will explode

I Am Who I Am is utterly outrage and angry with the thousands of years humanity lied, killed, stole property and brought people in slavery. Everyone must realize the patience of I Am Who I Am is finished. I Am Who I Am can finish this world with a blink of an eye. I Am Who I Am is the One who destroys worlds and civilizations. Every honest woman, child and man should abandon the evil capital cities. For the Judgement Day has come. On the Day After, the woman will reign.

I Am Who I Am says warlord Putin must leave Ukraine, the Crimea and Belarus before the war has reached one year. If not Mr. Putin, his offspring and many Russians will be erased from the planet. Their souls will be wasted. Mr. Putin must tell the truth to the Russian people and resign. Mr. Putin must release all political prisoners and start democratic, secret and fair elections for the Presidency and the Parliament immediately.

I Am Who I Am is the One who Was before time and space and before religion. I Am Who I Am is the One. Commands were given and Messengers were sent in order to change humanity. Religions were formed but they did not hold My Commands. Because of some righteous women and man I Am Who I Am will continue to give hope, peace and love.

I Am Who I Am is all around us in the fourth dimension not limited by time, space or objects. I Am Who I Am created this world and the humanity. This world is the third dimension, limited by time, space and objects. Every being has a soul which develops in time from birth. The soul grows through faith, hope and love. The soul declines with lies, theft, killing and putting other human beings in slavery. I Am Who I Am wants humans to mature their soul. At death the mature soul enters the fourth dimension. The body returns to the earth.

I Am Who I Am wants to create a honest and peaceful world. This cannot be done with warlords who think they are gods. The warlords of this worlds and their collaborators have been given a choice. To be honest and uphold the Commands I Am Who I Am has given or to be evil. The warlords kept killing people, stealing their properties and putting people in slavery. The choice has been given. Many choose evil. The time for the Wrath of I Am Who I Am has come. The Wrath will explode.

What the warlords did to the people and their offspring will be done to the warlords and their offspring. The collaborators and the religious leaders who support these evil warlords will experience the Wrath of I Am Who I Am also. The defenders of the Commands of I Am Who I Am are entitled to do anything they want to stop the evil of the warlords. I Am Who I Am shall interfere and the warlords will feel the Fury.

The human systems are insufficient to stop the actions against the Commands of I Am Who I Am. Evil is not spiritual, it comes from the greed of man. Mahatma Gandhi spoke the truth, “the earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed”. Mankind must solve the climate change, due to the enormous increase of the population. Engineers must be educated in order to solve the floods, the winds, the heat and the cold of the climate.

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