2023, How to connect to I Am Who I Am

You may connect to I Am Who I Am with a clear mind and a pure heart. Just keep the Commands I Am Who I Am has given. Be honest, do not kill, do not steal, do not abuse, do not lie, do not enslave yourself or others. Then one day I Am Who I Am comes in your mind and you feel The One in your heart. The connection is as if you talk, not with your voice, but in your mind.

Does praying help? I Am Who I Am is in the fourth dimension, the dimension without time, space and objects. This implicates I Am Who I Am has no gender. Just ask and you will be answered. You can determine yourself if you are honest or not.

Some examples of questions and answers. Can you help me to win the lottery. No, I cannot. Just buy one ticket and see if you win. You have a chance of one in millions to win the lottery. Another question may be, I am married but I like another more, can I relate to the other? Check if you are honest to your wife if not, do not relate to the other, if yes, you can start a new relation. Can I come to I Am Who I Am through Jesus or Mohammed or any other honest people? Yes you can.

I Am Who I Am likes if you spent one day in the week to honour The One. Gathering together, singing, praise and have lunch together is nice.

A miracle may (or may not) happen if you ask for it. A miracle is not for free and sometimes miracles are not possible. The requester can make an indulgence in order to let the miracle happen. Say your child is ill and you as a parent ask I Am Who I Am for a miracle. You and your partner pledge to stop your addictions, then the miracle may happen.

If a country is under attack of an evil person, the people in the country may ask for a miracle. Pledge to stop the addictions like smoking or drinking and then the miracle may happen.

I Am Who I Am likes you to grow your heart. Care for other people. As an adult, care for your partner, give your children a safe family, care for your parents, care for othermans children if you like, care for your neighbourhood, care for the animals in the air, the animals in the earth, and the animals in the sea. Care for the earth. This grows your heart.


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