2021, I Am Who I Am, Sustain Life

Mankind shall sustain life. You are the salt of the civilization. Be honest, do not kill another human being and respect the other. Keep yourself away from smoking, drugs and alcohol. You have the right to food, clean water and shelter. No one shall keep you from a happy life. You have the right to self defense.

Fear is your worst enemy. Keep breathing. Be silent when you cannot be honest. Run away when someone does not respect you. I Am Who I Am shall not be silent when other people urge you to betray yourself or others. Many times the laws made by the heads of state are to enhance themselves rather than to take care for the life of the civilians. If you are attacked by a civilian you can kill from self defense. If civilians want food, water and shelter, this is not criminality. The behavior for primary life support is necessary.

Help to sustain life in your country. Try to stay married. Live together with your partner and parents.

Go away from today’s information seekers like the Big Tech. These enhance the emotional reactions in the media for their own profit. The Big Tech favors the rich people. The moderation of the Big Tech should not be done.  They only should give the service for sharing information. Respect the opinion of others and share a respectful opinion yourselves.

In the last 100 years the human civilization has grown to seven times the number of people. This growth is thanks the use of fossil fuels. These gave more CO2 in the earth atmosphere. This changes the weather. The world of today smoothly runs on oil. In the next 50 years the oil may run dry if no other sources are found.  Change to nuclear power in order to keep the civilization.


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