2022, I Am Who I Am, One Man for One Man

One death citizen killed by the Russians is one death citizen too many. The genocide, rape and stealing of the Russian war criminals must stop. The Russians will have one week to leave the whole of Ukraine, including the Crimea. If not, the NATO must restore the civilization in Ukraine by kicking the Russians out.

Show me one honest Russian in a town or city. He or she and their children must leave the city or town. Wearing the colors of Ukraine. This must be done in the next week.

The verdict has been fallen. I Am Who I Am shall take one Russian for every Ukraine man, child or woman who the Russian murdered in this idiot invasion.  Any war criminals shall be killed. I Am Who I Am shall destroy a Russian house for e every building they have destroyed in Ukraine. I Am Who I Am shall destroy one road for every road the Russians have demolished.

After the rampage the Russians who are left must rebuild Ukraine. Streets and surroundings must be rebuild. For every death Ukraine the Russians pay one million Euros to those who are left behind.


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