2023, I Am Who I Am, the climate change will be.

I Am Who I Am says the climate change will be. Gletschers will melt, rivers will run dry, extreme rains, heat, cold and wind will be. There will be a Climate Change because man has destroyed almost half of the forests. Mankind must educate engineers and pay them twice the economical consultant. The engineers will prevent floods, organize clean water for agriculture and man and build buildings which can withstand extreme winds. Environmentalists should emphasize the stop on destroying forest and planting trees as much as possible. The deserts shall be green.

Scientists assume that CO2 from fossil fuels causes climate change. But the CO2 is only present in the air in ppm (parts per million), the specific gravity of CO2 is heavier than air, the measurement of CO2 in the air is done, among other things, on the north slope of the active volcano Mauna Loa and the isotopic composition of CO2 would be a measure of climate change.

One cannot measure the CO2 on an active volcano because the active volcano emits CO2. The isotopic composition of CO2 in the atmosphere, and especially the 13CO2/12CO2 ratio, is an established tool for understanding the details of the global carbon cycle, as this ratio can differentiate between oceanic and terrestrial biospheric sinks of CO2. The isotopic composition does not determine climate change. The specific gravity of CO2 is 1.97 while that of air is 1.29 kg/m3, so CO2 remains in the lower atmosphere.

A comparison is made between the damage to the ozone layer by chemicals and the climate change by CO2. But is that correct? The refrigerants R502 and R12 have been replaced, but these refrigerants are heavier than air. How can they affect the ozone layer at an altitude of 15 to 50 kilometers?

The deforestation is done for The cause of climate change may rather be deforestation as a result of population growth. We humans are deforesting at lightning speed: 46% of the world’s forests have already been destroyed. There is an urgent need to shift the focus from climate change to deforestation. With the

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