2022, I Am Who I Am, Nourish Body, Mind and Soul

Today mankind does not know the essence of life. The purpose of life is to take good care for your body mind and soul, in order to nourish your soul. The leaders of te world put stress on the freedoms of mankind. Every human being is entitled to the freedom of speech and expression, the freedom to believe, the freedom of fear and the freedom of want. With the stress the connection of the body to the mind, the connection of the mind to the soul is destroyed. The world is in transition, there is a great reset, in order to restore mankind.

The mind connects to the body by hormones. Stress brings the mind in a defensive state in which the mind is disconnected from the body. The political, economical, religious and cultural marketing brings the lies in the world. Remove yourself from the unhealthy lies. Grow and eat your own food. Your body does not need sweets and other food with temping names. Transform to use your own energy. Unite yourself in a trade union, which is the defensive adult force from the workers and pensioners.

There is only one purpose. Mankind must be connected again to the fourth dimension by their mind and souls. The connection of mankind to I Am Who I Am acts based upon a healthy body and mind. The soul of every human being is equal to the other. A woman is equal to a male. The soul needs honesty and the freedoms in order to grow and in order to connect to I Am Who I Am. I Am Who I Am will interfere with very hard measures in order to restore a Honest World.

Many greedy people tempt children, adult man and woman to be enslaved. Children should be protected against any enslavement. All children, male and female shall be educated until the age of 18. Any human being which is stressed by greedy people van take their freedom back. Today many warlords enslave people and think they are gods. The evil  warlords will be erased from this earth. If mankind in this era is not released from evil, mankind will be erased from the world.


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