2023, I Am Who I Am about Sex

I Am Who I Am created mankind in the third dimension as biological beings. A biological being multiplies by sex. A male and a female have sex to create children or to have fun. I Am Who I Am advises to get married when a couple loves each other and want to create children. In marriage a woman and a man are equal. The woman decides if she gives birth to a child, the man and woman decide together where to live.

Having children is a great responsibility. Children under the age of 18 shall be protected. If father and mother cannot protect the children, the society shall do that. Marriage comes with ups and downs. I Am Who I Am wants married people to stay together for life if possible. The partners decide that.

A married couple should respect the Commands of I Am Who I Am. Be honest to your partner. Do not kill, do not steal, do not lie, do not abuse and do not put the other into slavery. When a married man abuses his wife or his children, he shall abandon the house. When a married woman abuses her children, she shall be psychologically treated.

Children should get sexual education from the age of twelve. I Am Who I Am wishes for girls to keep their purity until the age of 18. Adults shall not have sex with children, this is forbidden because it is abuse.

When a woman and a man or a woman and a woman or a man and a man have sex for fun they should use protection. With more sexual partners the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections increases. The sexual partners decide themselves from their own free will what to do in order to have fun with sex.

If partners from the same gender want to marry from their own free will, they can do so. Priests should get married. I Am Who I Am does not want priests to be single. Woman can be priests because I Am Who I Am considers woman to be equal to man.

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