2023, I Am Who I Am, Original Sin does not exist.

For thousand of years people talked about the “original sin” and anxiety grow. I Am Who I Am says original sin does not exist. Sin is not inherited. From birth the soul is clean of sin. Do not declare sin with laws I Am Who I Am has not given. This is the Law of what I Am Who I Am has spoken through messengers. Be honest, do not kill, do not steal, do not abuse, do not lie, do not enslave people. No other Laws apply to faithful people. The soul grows through honesty and love. 

From birth the soul is clean of sin. The soul grows through honesty and love. Every human should live their life according the timeline given. No other human shall interfere with that timeline. At the end of life the body will return to the earth and the soul will be welcomed by I Am Who I Am and be part of the Fourth dimension.

Unfortunately, mankind strives for power from greed with dishonesty, judging the other, abusing the other, stealing from the other and putting the other into slavery. Children shall be educated to not abuse, not steal from the other. Bullies shall be re-educated. No one shall enslave another human being. Drugs, tobacco, alcohol and other enslavements shall not be used by faithful women and man. Governments shall not enslave the citizens by uncontrolled privatization.

If an adult or a child murders another human being intentional, wilfully, deliberately and with planning. this is “eternal sin”. The soul of the killer is wasted, no matter if it is an adult or a child. All those who order the death of another human being are evil to. The death penalty shall be given for those killers. Self defence is excused. No civilian within a democratic country shall bear arms or knives without license.

If governments have the death penalty for other reasons than murder, these governments have no right of existence. If governments tell you to kill, ask yourself is it the defence of my country or the will of an evil autocratic selfish ruler. People who are within the country of an autocratic ruler who have crossed the border of the Laws shall withstand that ruler. If people speak out to the government, it is not a sin. How children or adults express themselves is not a sin. Liberty is the foundation for honesty.

Religions shall update their thinking and procedures towards a honest religion. The aim of religion is to teach the people about I Am Who I Am and the Laws The One has given. No more, no less. Faith shall be voluntary. How does one get mercy for their sins? Is someone lies, then tell the truth in public. When one abuses the other, steals from the other or in other sense be dishonest, confess it. Then the laws of a country shall deal with it. Dishonesty damages the soul. A honest religion is the foundation for the honest world.

Honesty is in the mind. Love is in the heart. Relations with each other is for adults. The relation between adult partners or an adult women and an adult man is not a sin. A relation of an adult with a child is an eternal sin of abuse. A child should not be born from abuse or a pregnancy against the free will. Abortion should be possible if a pregnancy is against the free will. Abortion before the 24th week is not a sin, it is not against life.

A human shall not eat a component of another human. This fruit is forbidden and will be an eternal sin.

The adult relation between partners shall be voluntary, from free will en strictly between partners. The woman chooses the man from free will. Only from free will the love of a woman and man will be the foundation to raise a child. Marriage is the foundation for a family. A family is the foundation for kids. A family shall be a safe environment. No child shall be placed outside a family. If a man abuses his wife (or partner) or his children he shall be subjected to law and be thrown out to the street.

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