Has the EU lost its magic?

The EU lost its Magic
The Brexit made clear the UK public think the EU has lost its magic. The rise of populist parties in other EU states is another indication the EU dream is fading away. The main problem is the promise of democracy and prosperity has been broken. The EU declared the European State with the treaty of Lisbon (2009). With it the European States have lost their democratic foundations. The EU people did not vote to live in an European State.

The foundation of democracy is sovereignty and security. The EU parliament and the EU commission have violated the sovereignty of many EU members. With the improper enforcement of the immigration the security is stressed. Without these collective democracy foundation the personal roots fade away.

In today’s democratic Europa, the roots of liberty, equality and fraternity have been poisoned and neglected. The immigration flood enhanced the downfall. The result is the tear down of the secure life and the rise of personal and public fear.

Europe has lost its civilization.

The European civilization has its foundation in the motto « equality, liberty and fraternity ». If Europe looses its foundation it will loose its magic and the European Union will fall apart into fear. That is what happens today.

The world saw Europe as civilized. In Europe man and woman were equal. The European countries respected liberty and freedom. The European people were free to choose their representatives and to be chosen. Corruption was low. Freedom of speech, expression and religion are common. Everyone had a secure life and no fear. It’s no wonder many people want to migrate to Europe from the ISIL hell of separation and mass murder.

But Europe is in chaos. The past decade neo-liberal tendencies enhanced the European capitalism. Privatization of public systems has increased the prices for common goods and lowered income. The people have too less purchasing power.

Capitalism and the exploitation of the workers is the main cause of the European crisis. With capitalism the number of jobs decrease. When older people keep working younger people do not get a job. Young people do not have an income and are not able to buy a house. The house market collapsed.

New European fundamentals:

Consider to declare new clear European fundamentals and the motto ‘We Care for the EU States and the EU People’.

  • Every EU State is sovereign
  • Every EU State is secure
  • Every EU State aims for prosperity
  • Every citizen has the right to live
  • Every citizen has the right to love
  • Every citizen has the right to a home
  • Every citizen has the right to work
  • Every citizen has the right to a pension.

Equality, liberty and fraternity should be the foundation of the new civilized Europe. With capitalism equality, liberty and fraternity faded away. Introduce a new collective. Give the people security and prosperity. This can be done with one European State or with an EU consisting of the sovereign states.

The main cause of inequality is increasing the pension age. This caused a massive youth unemployment and dissatisfaction of the workers. With a pension age of 67 a construction worker must work 52 years while studied people only work 40 year. This is against the equality of the people.

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