2022, I Am Who I Am, Be Responsible Adults

I Am Who I Am wants to create a Honest World. This is a world in peace, without murder, theft, lies and slavery. Responsible adults have build a democratic country in which the Rule of Law is applied. The election process in a democratic country is honest, secret and secure. With election there may be no tricks. Responsible adults may be part of a religion. Religions in the Honest World teach mankind about the fourth dimension and I Am. The economics in the Honest World is honest, everyone gets a fair deal of profit. The Honest World applies a social system in which no one lives on the street, and everyone has a shelter, healthy food and healthy drinks.

Today there are too many warlords. They think they are gods, but they are not. All suffering of mankind come from the warlord killings, their theft, their lies and their slavery. I Am Who I Am gives the warlords a choice in this era. Be good or be evil. I Am Who I Am does not respect the evil adults. In a country ruled by a warlord the commands of I Am Who I Am are not strict. If you are in slavery release yourself and others. If you have no food, steal the food. If bullies want to kill you, kill them. A warlord does not be deserve the status of President, Emperor, King or Big Leader. Call a head of state who kills, lies and enslaves a warlord and nothing else. Believe nothing a warlord says. In this you are a responsible adult.

Usually a warlord is a man. I Am Who I Am has enough of these selfish people. In 2000 years warlords kill many people, steal their property and their lives. I Am Who I Am declares in this era the patriarchal countries will change to matriarchal. The matriarchal society will be peaceful. A honest human can make mistakes towards another honest human. I Am Who I Am will have mercy on them if they confess the mistake. It is honest to say I’m sorry. The foundation for the matriarchal world will be honesty, peace, merciful without stress.

Empty your mind with evil thoughts. Today too many people have their mind, heart and soul filled with fear. When your mind is full with fear you cannot communicate with I Am Who I Am. Warlords who subdue the people with fear shall be killed. When religious people collaborate with warlords, they are lower than the lowest soul. When people deny the good of the fourth dimension they now will experience evil in their immediate surroundings. Evil people shall be filled with fear, trust no one and eventually kill themselves.

Honest people trust other honest people. If honest people are betrayed they let it go. Every honest human is necessary for developing the Honest World. Respect your body, mind, heart and soul. Do not enslave yourself to medicine, drugs, alcohol, fake food or drinks or enslaving thoughts.


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