2021, I Am Who I Am, Enjoy Life

The purpose of mankind is to enjoy life. This is not yet established in this selfish and divided world. The world has enough resource to enjoy life, but not enough to satisfy the greed of some. The greed of some holds down the joy of all. I Am who I Am gives advises to change the world towards the joy of everyone.

From the age of 18 years a young man or woman is an adult. Youngsters should be protected in order to start a joyful life as an adult. Young boys and girls should be grow up with a clean body and mind. A clean body without smoking, alcohol and drugs. Parents or the government should provide a healthy environment , good teachers and good food and drinks.

Young boys and girls should learn sports, music, dance and singing. These cultural aspects give joy and happiness. In order to be ready for the adult stress youngsters should learn stress reducing techniques.

No one shall interfere with the choice of partners of an adult woman or a man. One of the main aspects of enjoying life has to do with loving a partner. An adult man and woman decide themselves if they stay together or not. I Am Who I Am encourages marriage for life. Enjoying life sometimes goes through highs and lows.

A married adult man or woman choose to have children or not. The woman decides if she gives birth to a child. Parent shall provide a safe and clean family for their children. Parents shall be able to give enough time to their children.

There is nothing wrong with the naked body. Adults can have public areas where they can take a naked sunbath.

The body of man has a limited lifetime. The older people shall live with or in the neighbourhood of  their children. The children shall take care of the elder. An elder man or woman enjoys living with their children and grand children. If a man or woman does not have children the government shall provide a social living environment for the elder. When life is to painful, an elder can ask to end the life.

The countries of today are the foundation for joy. Adults shall provide religious, economical and political systems within a country in which everyone is able to enjoy life. People shall be free to sing, dance, play music and to sport in public. Governments shall support the joy of all inhabitants.






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