2021, I Am who I Am, The Afterlife

I Am who I Am Created mankind as a physical and a spiritual being. Mankind has lost the connection to I Am who I Am and does not hear the Voice. Only a few hear the Voice, the Voice to do good and to build spiritual adult.  Scientist have reduced the love hope mind and emotion to physical influences. Being honest and doing good adds spiritual nourishment to the spiritual body. Selfishness declines the spiritual body and creates loneliness. With death a human being can emerge into the Light.

With honesty and doing good a human collects positive elements of spiritual energy. Do not judge the other because mankind does not know what is good or what is evil anymore. For thousands of years I Am Who I Am has given commands to enlarge the spiritual energy. Be honest, do not kill the human being and do not steal ones life or goods. If you are not honest, kill or steal there will be Darkness for your spiritual body.

The afterlife is the spiritual life of a human after the death of the physical body. If a person has done good and was honest to others and the self, one reaches enlightenment. With enlightenment a death person will enter the Light with its spiritual body. A selfish man or woman does not enter the Light. Every human being will die and be Judged on the time of death. The spiritual body enters the Light or the Darkness.

The spiritual body of a selfish man or woman must help the spiritual life of living humans in order to reach the Light. Those who enter the Darkness will be judged to help the living forever until enough energy has been collected to enter the Light. There are no sexual aspects in the spiritual world.

Religious leaders must teach the people what is truth and what are lies about the spiritual life and the after life. No time has left to do it otherwise. Tell the reality about the afterlife. There is no resurrection of physical bodies. There is no Judgement Day, you’re spiritual body will be judged when you die.

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