2023, I Am Who I Am, Chaos will be, until you pray.

Mankind has lost its mind in tribal emotion. This has accumulated in a war of good against evil. Good is the Commands given by I Am Who I Am. It is not enough anymore for I Am Who I Am that mankind warships another gods, they are a fantasy of humans. All fantasy of humans must be replaced by worshipping I Am Who I Am. There will be more and more chaos to evil persons, tribes and teams. This will happen until these evil persons pray for good to I Am Who I Am. Any prayer to another god will have the opposite effect.

Good is honesty. Good is not killing a human, not stealing from a human. do not lie, do not deceive, do not abuse and do not bring people into slavery. I Am Who I Am will judge and maintain the verdict upon the evil persons. Slaughter is extreme evil and will be punished with death and darkness. Evil warlords think that they are gods. They and the offsprings will be erased from the earth.

This will come to the earth by natural phenomena. There will be huge impacts for the BRICS countries and Northern Africa. Brazil has chopped too many trees, this must stop immediately or great floods will be the result. Russia will be completely destroyed due to its warlord Putin, India worships the wrong gods, there will be plagues to the bodies. China will be divided into two by great natural causes. South-Africa will have to deal with internal conflicts until no evil is present. North-Africa will be eaten by the desert.

Immigration will stop. Natural causes will stop all immigrants who are victim of slavery. Immigration from selfish opportunistic people makes the democracy unstable. It is extremely relevant for the democratic countries to be stable and realistic.

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