2023, Women Life Freedom I Am Who I Am is with you

I Am Who I Am, is very angry with the religious, the political, the cultural and the economical leaders of the world. The leaders of the world are not honest. They think they are gods and destroy the earth. Killing civilians, stealing their life and goods. Every human being is born free, in life they remain free. Every human being is equal to the other. One receives eternal life by the good deeds they are doing, not by gold,statues or buildings. The women will inherit the earth.

Too many woman die through the hand of man. Man are not honest to women. I Am Who I Am wants all the women of the world to stand with each other. Deny sex with man for 1 week in order to protest to the killing of women, stealing the life of women and kids, raping women and think women are the slave of man. I Am Who I Am once again says women are equal to man. If man do no uphold the commands I Am Who I Am has given, man shall be the slave of women.

The Commands for a human being are given for thousands of years. These are the commands every human being should uphold. Be honest to I Am Who I Am, to your parents, to your spouse, your children, your neighbours, the nature and the world. Do not kill yourself or the other human being. Do not steal the life or the goods of the other human being. This patriarchal world has lost the benefit of I Am Who I Am. This is a era of chaos and change. The world will change to matriarchal.

The male leaders of the states shall no longer execute or steal the life and belongings of other human beings. Human life is precious. I Am Who I Am will not tolerate the religious, economical, political or cultural system which kills, steals and is honest to the free and equal mankind. Leaders of the world shall do their best of best to help the people. Self-defence is the right of humans to keep a free and equal life. Another human being can defend other weaker people in order to remain the free and equal life. Male leaders shall be replaced by woman leaders. Every civilian is equal to the other.

There should be build no statues or buildings to honour the state leaders. Every statue or building which remembers the slavery must be broken down in thousands of pieces. Humans shall not build statues for death people.

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