2022, I Am Who I Am, Kick Out Putin

The WWII history repeats itself and the foolish mankind let it happen. There are too many warlords in the world which think they are gods. The warlords start demolishing countries. Repent for the Day of I Am Who I Am is at hand. Every human being will be honest or will be evil. The Spiritual World is mobilized. For the Day of Judgement has come. The UN Charter must be rewritten for only peaceful countries can participate. From the UN Charter the NATO will be sanctioned to remove all warlords in the world from their throne.

Before the WWII the Spanish flu killed 25-50 million people. The WWII started in Europe with an evil crazy Hitler. The WWII in Europe killed 15 million to 20 million  people. The WWII in Asia with the attack on the Americans by the Japanese. The WWII killed a total of 70-85 million people. From the WWII the NATO and the UN charter evolved.

With 6.6 million deaths the Wuhan corona virus has been a plague for the past 2 years. Thanks to the neglected reports of Wuhan doctors by the Chinese government the corona virus  could spread all over the world. And kill at least 6 million people in the world. Will the Chinese Xi attack the Americans first and then Taiwan? The Chinese trained in the dessert to drown an aircraft carrier. Have the Chinese forgotten the Japanese warlords of the WWII who put them into slavery?

The Wuhan corona plague will be nothing compared to the Putin plague. Is Mr Putin insane, has he a brain tumour? Mr Putin is the new Hitler, he introduced Russia to be a Nazi country, with a mouthless people due to his lies, the Z symbol replaces the swastika, he performed in a stadion, he kills and steals the homes and working places of civilized people. Shame on Putin and Russia. The Russian civilians will pay the price. At the end Mr Putin will kill himself like Hitler did.

While the brave Ukraine fight for their life and their freedom, the world has a big mouth and does too less. The Putin plague will cost a multiple of 18 million deaths. What is the life of one man worth more than millions of lives or millions in slavery? I Am Who I Am want the world to consider this. Erase the dictators and their offspring from this earth and scatter their remains in space can be a solution. The alternative is to see country after country been taken by these lunatics? At the cost of billions of life.

The dictators of this world are like a cancer. Never enough, no boundaries, and non believers. I Am Who I Am has enough of the chaos they bring. The cancer must be healed. All dictators and their offspring shall be erased from this earth. Do it together now  or suffer for years to come.The first thing to do is to honestly inform the people about what happens. All fake news must be stopped, the soft way or the hard way. The lies shall be replaced with the truth. If the parliament and the people stick together benefiting these crazy dictators, the people shall feel the Fury of Honesty.

If Russians are honest civilians and deliver Putin, his generals and his soldiers to the international Court for war criminals they will be granted relieve. If not the Russians shall perish. The forces of Nature and the Spiritual World will hunt them to the borders of the Earth. The climate problem is not a problem. The Earth will deal with this. The problem for humanity are the warlords.

The first priority for Europe, Asia and the world is the produce enough weapons to withstand the attack of evil. The economical  actions are not enough. The selfish Russia and China will create their own economical environments. The NATO must elevate its alertness to DEFCON-1 and have enough resources to withstand all (also nuclear) attacks of Russia. All statues and pictures of evil man who brought dishonesty and slavery must be broken down.

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