2023, I Am Who I Am and the Spiritual World

I Am Who I Am is all around us in the fourth dimension not limited by time, space or objects. I Am Who I Am created this world and humanity. This world is the third dimension, limited by time, space and objects. Every human being has a soul which develops in time from birth. At birth the soul is clean. The soul grows through faith, hope and love. The soul declines with lies, theft, killing and putting other human beings in slavery. I Am Who I Am wants humans to mature their soul. At death the mature soul enters the fourth dimension. The body returns to the earth.

I Am Who I Am is the One who Was before time and space and before religion. The fourth dimension has been assimilated into the One. I Am Who I Am is the One. Commands were given and Messengers were sent in order to change humanity.

The Command are simple. Be honest and fair. Do not kill, do not steal, do not lie, do not abuse and do not bring other in slavery. Messengers hear the voice of I Am Who I Am and tell people to follow the Command.

The Messengers were not enough to change mankind in order to create a Honest World. Mankind created a system of greed for the manipulation towards Hell. Mankind creates evil. Selfish people make other people addicted to products. Media tell fake news in order to enhance the warlords and selfish people. Corrupt scientist give their opinion troubled by greed. It are usually man who deny the Command of I Am Who I Am. Warlords kill, lie, steal, abuse and bring people in slavery. From now on the human world will be matriarchal, we leave the patriarchal world.

I Am Who I Am is very angry with the mankind today. I Am Who I Am wants capital punishment for every man, not dependent of age, who kills one woman or one child. He shall be killed and the remains shall be scattered in the earth. He or she who kills loses the right in which the soul enters the spiritual world. This cannot be restored ever.




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