2023, Freedom comes with responsibility

Throughout history, a culture has flourished with five universal freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of expression such as dance, music, art, freedom to worship according to I Am Who I Am, freedom from fear and freedom from want. That’s the way Western democracies are today. I Am Who I Am supports Western democracies to establish the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven gives freedom, but it comes with free will and responsibility.

Freedom is nothing when not connected to the Commands of I Am WHo I Am. These are the commands of I Am Who I Am. Be honest, don’t kill people, don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t deceive, don’t abuse and don’t enslave people. 

You as an adult want freedom of speech. Why do you lie? Why do you spread hate? Why do you justify murder? Why do you justify pedophilia? Why do you wrangle with your spouse? Why do deceive? Why do you cancel people? Is it for your own benefit? Is it for the benefit of your tribe? Freedom of speech comes with responsibility. Without responsibility there cannot be freedom of speech.

You as an adult want freedom of expression. Why do you show murder, hate, sexual abuse? I Am Who I Am created humanity to be man or woman. You have sex from love and free will. Without free will I Am Who I Am will not bless you and your offspring. I Am Who I Am will love you when you love your spouse. Protect your children. The darkness is all around you. The darkness wants to educate children towards pedophilia, stop that.

You want freedom of worship I Am Who I Am. This cannot be done with murder, stealing, abuse, deceive and lie. With these aspects of darkness you do not get any connection nor communication with I Am Who I Am.

Every adult works to be free of want. You need money to nourish yourself, your spouse and your offspring. Some work harder dan others and gain more. But remember, you shall not put other people, your employee or your client into slavery. Slavery is working without free will and with too less payment. Every employer had the obligation to take good care for their employees and clients. Do not make products which enslave and harm other people.

You can be free of fear. Do not fear the future. You can regret and learn from the past. You must realize the world today is in war with the darkness. The darkness worships the selfishness. Some warlords think they are god. They are it not. You must defend yourself, your culture and your country from the darkness. Darkness comes with those people who do not know their borders, which do not hold the Commands. Those people from the darkness lie, cheat, abuse, steal and murder in order to expand their territory. Stop the darkness with all means.

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