2021, I Am Who I Am, Free the People

The people all over the world have to deal with the corona plague. This will be with us for the next two years. With the measures taken, like work at home, children not at school and wear a mouth mask, limiting the social contacts and so on, the people are less free. These years of change need a new commitment to Free the People

Consider the essential freedoms for the People. Everyone shall have the right to worship I Am Who I Am. No other gods are allowed. There shall be a social system in which everyone has a home, health, clothes, food and water.  There shall be a world wide security system, police and army, with which the people are free of war and chaos. Everyone has the right to comment in the media. Everyone shall speak and write in a constructive way. The way of free expression is that of respect.

Every country shall have a Constitution in which the commands and the essential freedoms are equal for all civilians.

The boundaries of the countries shall be as they are now. The dictators of this world threat the people with war and chaos in their endless lust for power. Even the constitution is changed to fulfill the power lust of the dictator. If a dictator abuses or kills people he (it is always a he) does not have any rights any more. The world shall isolate this dictator. If the lust of power kills people the dictator shall be prosecuted.

If a region wants autonomy and this is what 75% of the people by referendum want, it shall be granted. In every country on this world there shall be the right to referendum. The referendum shall work on the continent, the country, the regional and the municipal level. With autonomy the financial security shall be established.

Everyone on this world should has the right to free speech. If a man abuses his wife or his children everyone has the right to speak out in public against it.  If a government abuses civilians everyone has the right to speak out against it.

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