I Am Who I Am, Life and Death

Mankind has been Created male and female. The female is equal to the male. Life starts when the male sperm fertilizes the female egg and when the female fertilized egg enters the womb. This is the Creation. The Creation took place through evolution in billions of years. Every biological being is created in the same way. A male and a female. Life grows from a newborn to a child to an adult, to a parent en to an elder. I Am who I Am is with you every day, every hour and every minute.

Man should not spend its life alone. No one should interfere with the partner choice of an adult woman or a man. A man can choose a woman. A man can choose a man as his partner. A woman can choose a woman as her partner. Marriage is the preferred state to start a new family. A wedding should be perfect. From marriage a man or a woman give their love to each other and to their children. No marriage shall be done before the adult age.

Not all in Creation is perfect. Some is complete but not yet perfect. Sometimes the female is not ready to sustain the pregnancy or to give birth. The female determines to give birth or not. The male must realize fertilizing a female and the birth of his child is for life. When a male is not ready for a child the female  decides if she gives birth or not.

If possible a child should grow up with a father and a mother. If a father is not present, the mother can appoint a helping father. In the early years of a child at least one of the parents should be at home. Governments shall create the free possibility for school from 4 years old for all children. The education of children shall be free. A child becomes an adult on the age of 18 years. Children decide the choice for education themselves.

Children shall be educated how to be happy in life. Music, dancing and singing shall be part of the education. Their shall be equality in education. Children shall be safely educated in the freedom of choice, the freedom of worshiping I Am who I Am, the freedom of fear and the freedom of want. Children should be educated in the reality of life and death. Governments must arrange the easily transfer of education from lower to higher.

From the age of 18 the young adult should volunteer to work one year in social work for the society and get the licenses to be an adult. This year of social work is paid by the government. Get the drivers licence, learn to dance, get an union and political party membership and so on. Every adult shall be free to vote in democratic elections.

Woman and man should adapt a healthy lifestyle. Mankind was created to live a happy and long life. Consider to adapt a lifestyle without drugs, smoking, less alcohol and healthy food. Consider to contribute to a healthy planet. If possible grow your own food and make your own diner. Eat diner with your children. If possible drive electric and generate enough electrical energy from your own home.

Religions shall teach adults about the spiritual realm and the after life. The main purpose of religions is to teach people to pray and to worship I Am who I Am. Religious people, adult woman and man, are free to get a partner and children in their life. Religious people can guide people through their life. I Am who I Am is with a person every day.

I Am who I Am strongly opposes the selfish people who abuse, who bully, who create fear, who want to gain more power, who want to make war. They shall be the lesser of less in the after life. The governments of the world shall diminish the fear from this selfish people.

If one gets a disease, modern society has a lot op possibilities to cure the disease of make the disease bearable. Unfortunately this is not possible for all diseases. Consider a society in which the children start living with other people when the parents die. Mankind shall not create diseases themselves.

The old age comes with time. Houses should be adapted in which older people can live together with younger people. Loneliness is not meant to be. Governments should give citizens the possibility to stop working in equality. Working should be done for 45 years. The working class thus gets a pension from the age of 60. The higher educated people from the age of 70. The governments shall establish enough old age pension in which all  the working people contribute to pay this pension.

At a certain time the older man or woman has enough of life. Some medicine can make life easier for the older people. But sometimes the burden of life has grown to much. The older woman or man decides themselves when to end his or hers life. This must be in a written letter of consent. In this end of life letter considerations can be made to end the life when disease blurs the mind . Governments should establish honest procedures in order to requested end the life.



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