The Magic of Europe

Europe has magic. The world sees Europe as civilized. In Europe man and woman are equal. The European countries respect liberty and freedom. The European people are free to choose their representatives and to be chosen. Corruption is low. Freedom of speech, expression and religion are common. It’s no wonder many people want to migrate.

But Europe should be more. Europe should be a brotherhood of man and woman in which all of the people prosper. The past decade neo-liberal tendencies enhanced the European capitalism. Privatization of public systems has increased the prices for common goods. The people have too less purchasing power. Capitalism and the exploitation of the workers is the main cause of the European economical crisis.

Increasing the pension age caused inequality and youth unemployment. With a pension age of 67 a construction worker must work 52 years while studied people only work 40 year. With capitalism the number of jobs decrease. When older people keep working younger people do not get a job. Young people do not have an income and are not able to buy a house.

Equality, liberty and fraternity should be the foundation of Europe. The European building shakes on its foundation. With capitalism equality, liberty and fraternity fade away. The solution is easy and simple.

The magic of Europe is its civilization. The European civilization has its foundation in the motto «  equality, liberty and fraternity  ». If Europe looses its foundation it will loose its magic and the European Union will fall apart.

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